When Should you Start Training your Dog?

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62 Comments on “When Should you Start Training your Dog?”

    1. Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution you should do a video over personal protection dogs or the first steps to training protection dogs

    2. Yes! I’m hoping to get a Corgi female before Christmas, and train her to be a therapy dog. These videos are wonderful! I’m studying now to learn how to be a good owner. 💗 Thank you!

    1. Well, you’ll find that every dog has its own personality and quirks. I’ve trained dozens, and some just instinctively do things whereas others require tons of training to match. (Had one pup that within minutes of coming to her new home, hopped up on a bin, as if it were natural. And later that day, she cleared her x-pen with only a single paw touching it. Other pups have hesitated to even stand on the edge of the x-pen.)

      Sorry, tangent. Anyway, one of the three basic ways to ‘teach’ a behavior is called capturing.” Basically, you take something that the dog already does, and reward it until they become aware of it. For something that small, that *might* be the easiest. (I can’t imagine how shaping would work. “Luring” might if you just get your finger close enough that they close their eye for fear of being poked. Assuming they don’t full-on blink, dodge, duck or run away.)

      In your case, it sounds more like mimicry or “mirroring.” I know humans have mirror neurons– it’s how babies “know” to smile back at their parents– but it’d be a fascinating bit of evolutionary science if dogs somehow developed them too. (Admittedly, I’ve noticed if my dog starts ‘licking her lips’ and I copy her, she keeps doing it, so there’s a basis for it.)

  1. My parents had an outside dog for 10 years. When I moved out, I took him because they could no longer take care of him. He’s now a house dog and I’ve taught him to sit, lay, roll over, and stay all today in less than an hour.

  2. I love how you reward progression instead of perfection! You’re so right! How can we expect a puppy to do anything perfect the first time? Just like us, it can take some time for them to learn and improve.

  3. I just visited a shelter where there were a lot of chocolate Labrador and they also had a 11 week chocolate lab so I adopted him , He’s so goddamn cute
    Thankyou for reading 😊😊😊😊

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