Best Crate for Large Dogs (Gunner Kennels G1 Review)

The G1 Kennel is the very best travel crate for retrievers on the marketplace and you can WIN your own. Have a look at my item page that describes these functions in information.

There are really five factors that I believe this is the very best travel dog crate for large type pet dogs. Fact be told, this is actually simply the safest, greatest, finest travel crate for any size canine.

This has been my favorite product evaluation up until now. If you want to get one on your own, check out

Now, let me inform you why this kennel system is the best without exception. Here we go …

1. The door system on this cage is much better than any design out there. I have self-confidence that my pet dog is going to be in the crate rather than wandering around the bed of my truck when we get where we are going.

2. The tie-down system is great. If you get the additional straps from Gunner Kennels, you understand it is going to stay put.

3. The way this kennel is developed with roto-molded plastic means you get the greatest travel crate ever. It can withstand a 12-gauge blast from 8 feet and 4000 pounds on the sidewall.

4. The larger base and rubber feet keep the kennel from tipping over. Have you ever had to take a dogleg and discovered your pet dog lying on her side? I wonder what she was considering your driving abilities at that minute! That will not happen with the G1 Kennel. Just another reason it is the very best cage for Labradors in addition to the best cage for golden retrievers.

5. The 2 halves are really held together with brass fittings rather than the cheap plastic nuts that you might remove out with your hands.

6. I show you among the little things that Gunner Kennels does with their travel crate for retrievers that make it the best. It shows that not only were they opting for strong, however they likewise designed the cage to keep your canine comfortable as well.

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