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  1. A number of the aversive trainers say they “can’t” manage the stimuli to which the dog reacts in an aggressive manner. I also think they’ll claim you’re “killing” dogs.

    1. How is inflicting pain and inducing stress and fear in an animal “balanced”?

      Would it be “balanced” to send kids to a school where they had to learn all their skills in a foreign language and, if they made a mistake, they were inflicted to jerks on a collar on their neck, pinching of their neck skin, or even mildly uncomfortable electric shocks to their neck? Would you expect children would learn well in such an environment? Would you expect them to come out “balanced”?

    2. I would not call anyone who uses aversive methods a balanced trainer as aversive methods are the very extreme end of the spectrum. To me a balanced trainer is someone who will use a combination of positive reinforcement with negative reinforcement such as gentle leash pressures. Once you go into positive punishment and adding pain or fear you’re no longer a balanced trainer in my estimation.

  2. I mean they will just say that it’s okay to inflict a little pain now to avoid serious death or injury later. It’ll be the same fallacious arguments as always from this crown. They have their personal subjective beliefs and are not willing to examine the validity of those beliefs in any objective manner because of anecdotal experiences. “I’ve been using aversive methods for 30 years and it’s always worked before” bla bla bla.

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