First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips

Getting a puppy is such an exciting time! Being prepared for that new four-legged family member is really important. The first week puppy training skills should be something that you plan for, just like you plan to have a collar, a leash, and lots of toys for your puppy. At our dog obedience training facility, we help over 500 dogs every week to become well behaved four-legged family members. We can quickly tell which pet parents have spent time with their puppies working on the skills mentioned in this video. The puppies who have done this training have a much easier time when learning more complicated skills, especially when working around common distractions. The puppy training we'll talk about in this video will teach your puppy to love learning, and these skills will help you to understand the value of rewards for your puppy. As your puppy gets older, you'll want to know what their FAVORITE reward is, so you can use it when they do an especially good job!

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41 Comments on “First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips”

  1. Got my new puppy last monday. Past that 1st week, barely. He’s a nightmare, climbing stealing and nipping us and our other dog. He’s very smart, just super hyper. I look forward to getting past these rough first few months. Gotta get these tricks down to get there!

    1. Of all the puppy training videos; I love you guys the most. My puppy dachshund Jaxon will be coming home the end of September and I want to be ready. Thank you so much!! I heard the are stubborn; but I just don’t want to believe that I’m going to have a stubborn dog. I believe they can be trained. I don’t know.

    1. Oh that’s a fun process, Rebekah! I’m sure the perfect name will spring to mind! Happy Training with your new four-legged family member! ~Ken

  2. This video seems really helpful! I’m about to get a female Golden Retriever puppy in a few days and I’m trying to watch as many training videos as I can!

    1. HAha.. She has SO many nicknames that “Hippy Then Reward” could be added to the list, AJ Deb! Shaky, Shaker, Tiny Terror, Shakin’ Bacon and now Hippy Then Reward. Lots of options;) Thanks for watching! ~Ken

  3. Sub titles in Spanish would assist thousands and thousands of people to take better care of their puppies in Spanish speaking countries, just an idea 🙂

    1. I like that idea Linda! I think it is something that I can start adding to some of the videos. I actually think there is a way that I can allow members of the community to add those captions! I’ll have to look into it. Thanks for watching ~Ken

  4. Thank you. I lost my Basset Hound (of 12 years) last April. Then, I lost my GSD (of 11 years) last October. Just got a GSD puppy on Sunday. I can’t remember anything. I’m so glad I found you!! <3 And now, I will have "Hippy Hippy Shake," in my head all day!

    1. Michelle Crist I feel the same way. I don’t remember how to train a puppy. I had a terrier for 15 yrs and she passed 2 years ago. Just got a mini golden doodle 2 wks ago and I’m lost lol

  5. I’m getting a little pom-chi puppy this coming week and I have been binge watching your videos! Thank you so much for so generously sharing your knowledge. 😁😁

  6. We are getting a puppy rat terrier this Friday and using these videos to train US to train the puppy. We will be watching a lot this week!!!

  7. I’ve been trying to do more information about service dogs I’m hoping to train one for POTS which is fainting from decreased blood pressure if you guys can do a video on it that would be a huge help

  8. Oh my this helped so much, I got my new Bichon frise puppy and I was trying to sit and he wouldn’t fallow to food and I thought there was smtn wrong with him. I differently should take a step back

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