Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, we are going to talk to Instructor Wendy about how she prepared for her golden retriever puppy first week home. Wendy has owned several Golden Retriever puppies and she has lots of experience with training Golden Retrievers. This video will help you to be ready for the exciting first day home with your Golden Retriever puppy as well as the important steps you should take in making sure your puppy has the best experience possible in their new home!

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65 Comments on “Golden Retriever Puppy First Week Home – Professional Dog Training Tips”

    1. Where did Wendy get her puppy? I was just wondering because I’m getting a puppy soon and they also do training before hand and when she said they already Did crate training I was thinking maybe they could be from the same place.

  1. I’m picking up my golden in two weeks so this video is perfect timing! I’m so excited but so nervous all at once lol thank you for the video!

  2. I get my golden retriever June 13th! This will be my first time as a dog owner, super excited thank you for all of this information, very helpful!

    1. @Blind she’s great, 22lbs and a damn handful! She’s still working through her puppy biting which is getting old fast, it’s possible to play with her a tussle with her breaking the skin at some point. I’m doing what I can to work with her and avoid that behavior. Lately I’ve been just letting her bite her toys until she’s calmed down some then I’ll play with her hands on. It’s been a lot of work on mine and her part. I work 8 hours a day so she’s usually alone in her play pen with her toys. However she’s adjusted to the schedule pretty well, she sleeps most of the day or plays in her pen and when I get home we play fetch for a good hour to get that energy out before dinner lol.

    2. @Stephen Bowen , I know some people will not like this technique. But what I did with my Golden girl when she was a puppy and biting & nipping a lot I would say strongly “UH UHH!” and tap her on the bridge of her muzzle with my first two fingers to let her know not to do that. She quickly got the clue that biting and nipping was not allowed, and she quit doing it after a few weeks working on that. We would rough house and tussle, but when sitting if she nipped she would get a reprimand like I said. After a while if she nipped I would just have to say “Uh Uhh” and she would stop.

    1. @Imjusttoogood Lmao you have to spend a lot of time with them. The hardest part of golden retriever is they like attention so they will look at you like you havent spend time with them all day. They are really social animals they are also really smart and fast learners

    1. @Imjusttoogood Lmao 🙂 I did. I chose the runt as I had been following her since the day she was born at 0.7 oz and the size of a large mouse. Her name is Vločka. She is my problem child and I love her to bits. I have also discovered that I suck as a trainer.

  3. I’m getting a Golden Retriever when I can afford one and when I am older. They are so cute and I think I would be able to grow one up to be healthy.

  4. So I have been asking my parents for a Golden Retreiver puppy for 10 years (Im 15 now). I ask them like 20 times a week but they always say no. About an hour ago they were talking about getting my dad a german shepard and my dad decided he didn’t want it. So I asked for a golden retriver again. And my step mom says that she will get me one if I trian it and clean up after it. Me being me, i burst into tears. Now I just have to wait till Christmas. 130 days. Im so excited 😁

    (Update: I ended up getting him early, in October. His name is Bailey and as I’m writing this (April) he is 7 months old. He is honestly my best friend and I love him more than anything. He’s even the mascot for my softball team which shows how much he is liked by people lol. If you want to see pictures of him his insta is @bailey.the.golden_ and mine is @tristen_harper04 )

    1. @Minya T. Bailey is doing great thank you for asking! And I just recommend making him get a lot of exercise during the day. I take Bailey on walks and runs and he is usually out by 9. The keeping you up all night is really a phase though, it will probably pass soon. Also throw a blanket over his crate. I hope that helps 🙂

    2. @Tristen Harper thanks for the reply also i am starting to take him out on walks and he dose sleep for good time but wakes up every couple min on night but doesn’t wine since he already knows where to go and my parents finally able to sleep night as well as me

  5. I watch these types of videos even if I don’t have a golden retriever…I’ve been asking for one for my entire life

    I’m going to cry 😢

  6. I have had dogs of all breeds my entire life. The Golden is a unique breed, extremely intelligent and eager to please. Devoid of aggression and likely to embrace and lick a burgler coming into the home. I’ve remedied that tho, I bought a female Rottie.

  7. I’d like to get a Golden to be a psychiatric Service Dog for my anxiety one day, but they’re expensive and a *LOT* of work…

  8. German shepherds and golden retrievers make the best doggie siblings. They complement each other’s personalities so well. That’s what I’ve got. The best of friends

  9. I am reading comments to make me happy cause my parents don’t allow to buy a dog so I am happy to see others happy 😃
    It’s been months sins I asked them for a dog

  10. Just got mine today! He’s already so sweet! He did throw up all over me cause he got car sick (poor thing) but it’s fine cause I should probably expect it 😅

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