Puppy Potty Training- The 4 Reasons It Isn’t Working – Professional Dog Training Tips

Puppy potty training doesn't need to be complicated. But it is frustrating when your potty training isn't working. There are 4 reasons that people often overlook when training their puppy to pee outside. You may know the steps for how to potty train your dog in "7 days". But often people reach out to us because they are following all of the steps, and their puppy is still having accidents in the house. We're going to talk about how to potty train a puppy, but more importantly, how to avoid the 4 most common potty training mistakes people make.

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51 Comments on “Puppy Potty Training- The 4 Reasons It Isn’t Working – Professional Dog Training Tips”

    1. you should keep them out for an extra 2-5 minutes after they pee so they fully empty their bladder. once they do, immediately take them back inside so they don’t start getting distracted and interfere with training.

    2. i read that it just means your dog can’t release his or her bladder at once. so if they go once outside. praise them, and then let them outside a little longer

    1. I would love to see a video about how to teach your puppy to go outside (in outside on the street during the walks) once he’s potty trained. My puppy is 4 months old and does his business in the outside area we have at home. He learned very fast (still has some minor accidents, but that’s ok). Now I wanted to start taking him to go outside, but it just doesn’t happen. He walks and runs and all. But still waits until home to go potty. Haha how do I teach him to go outside the house? Or does this come naturally? 😂

    2. McCann Dog Training Hello! My birthday party was today and i just got a 3 month old labrador And I want to know how to get him from peeing On the floor to the puppy mat also strangely he has bedding in his crate but he likes to sleep next to his crate rather than in it. Have any ideas?

  1. My puppy likes to eat the stuff on the ground. I’m constantly telling him to leave it then rewarding him. He loses focus on peeing or pooping because I’m constantly having to tell him to leave it and he’ll always want a treat after.

    1. Had same issue with my puppy. She would eat anything from the ground. Had to use mouth guard, but she was miserable with it. She wouldn’t drop it or leave it, if it is a bone or anything that smells like food, because she is very food motivated. Only thing that helped is every time she would pick something up is to stop, open her mouth and retrieve it. I had to always follow up, to make sure she understood that no matter what she tries to eat from the ground, I will take it out. Now I just say no and she knows that even if she picks it up I will take it out, so she doesn’t. Wish you luck and hopefully you will find solution that works for your dog.

    2. my 11 week puppy had the same issue (we’re still working on potty training), i found that keeping a treat in my fist in front of her nose kept her from eating leaves until she realized she needed to go. then she got her reward

    3. Why are you rewarding bad behaviour? Do not reward your puppy after he stops eating something bad. Your puppy is going to associate “treat” with eating crap on the ground.

  2. I learned my phone must be listening to me. I’ve looked nothing up. I’ve typed nothing …. I told my daughter that our pup should not be still peeing in the house…her not cleaning the messes is what is happening… and then this pops up

  3. my dog is nearly a year old, he’s a Lab/Boxer mix. he has no bedding in his crate still, but he still pees in it. he also barks a lot while in his crate which leads to TONS of slobber being launched out of the door of the crate which creates a large puddle of slobber of the floor in front of him

    1. buy some scent neutralizer and literally FLUSH the crate in it. Or change the crate. Dogs do leave their scent on the things they would usually have a pee/poo.

  4. I have a small house dog and trying to use pads. Instead of going on the pads he will go right by the pads. And when I try to get him to go on the pads. I walk him over to the puppy pads and put him on the puppy pad. Won’t do anything while I’m there he will wait until I’m not looking to go on the floor.

  5. My puppy is 6months, I rescued him from the Aspca last week. This pup does not even understand he has to pee outside and goes absolutely crazy in his crate. When he’s outside he’s constantly distracted by his surroundings. Help lol

  6. It’s been 3 weeks since we got our puppy. I follow the videos to a T and for the most part it’s working but she’s still having at least one accident a day..I’m starting to get frustrated and I don’t know what to do next

    1. Yup try -8 degrees outside after working overtime on overnights, with 4 outside sessions until I couldn’t take it anymore. Kept the leash on just in case, took the leash off for me to go to the bathroom and came back to 3 different spots of poop and a giant pee puddle. I feel like I’m an awful dog owner. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong.

  7. I’ve been doing all of this as well as i can but as soon as my puppy pees and poops outside, i praise him and we go inside and then he pees again inside. He pees for like 3 seconds but it’s in random places. it’s so frustrating.

  8. You are addressing what we did wrong today in our potty training and play time sessions….thank you for this video! Especially the one after a play session.

  9. Anybody else’s dog think the backyard is to play and the house is to pee? This is tough lol

    Edit: he got the hang of it so quickly 🙂 hang in there guys your dog is smarter than you think

    1. This is one of the issues I’m having right now!! He always asks to go outside and only uses the restroom sometimes. Like 80-90% of the time, he asks to go outside just to play and mess around with plants/dirt/whatever else he can find lol. I’m so proud of him when he asks to go outside and goes potty, but sometimes he’s just like “eh who cares about outside, let’s just poop right here on the stairs, why not”… It’s really frustrating and I hope he gets the hang of it as time goes on. Glad to hear that you say it gets better though lol

    1. Yes wait!! I just got my pomsky and he likes to poo and pee a night the most! I’d recommend when he/she is potty trained so they don’t use it on your carpet or bed

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