He SNAPPED at my dog. What I’m doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training

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22 Comments on “He SNAPPED at my dog. What I’m doing about his RESOURCE GUARDING. Reality Dog Training”

  1. Zak & Bree, thanks for keeping it real! Watching you train Chop has been entertaining and educational! It’s so fun watching Chop and Inertia play, I think Inertia’s mentorship is paying off too 🐶🐾❤️🐼

  2. I’m so glad you’re doing these series. So many videos on other channels are with already well trained dogs or ones without trauma histories and it just makes it so difficult to try and replicate the training with a larger dog that’s been rescued and has never experienced a loving home. Thanks again!

  3. How is Chop more lab than the lab x I rescued? 😂 I saw the german shepherd and figured husky had to be in there with that coat, but never would have guessed lab. Thank you for making me feel better about choosing my battles and not trying to be perfect with everything all right away

  4. It took several months, but when my first two dogs (both pit mixes) started mirroring play, I knew they would literally be best friends their whole lives. It’s so beautiful to watch.

  5. Hey Zak. I just wanted to let you know I have been following you for about three years now and using your training to train my rescue Angus who is a giant Pointer Shepard mix. And we just added an actual puppy to our home who is a Heeler named Ariel. She is a busy hand full. Using your training I was able to train her almost as easy as I did Angie. A few weeks of accidents but all in all she is very well behaved. I can’t thank you enough for your guidance in dog training. It’s amazing!

  6. He seems like a dog with a lot of energy and drive. I feel that doing sports or working him could benifit, like maybe dock diving if he likes water or fly ball, lure coursing too, or even sledding. He seems more so independent (having husky in him lol) but still eager to please and seems to grasp very well what he needs to do for a treat or praise.
    With that extra mental stimulation and excerise it could also help with training as well.

    I really wish I could adopt chop, I’ve watched all the videos you’ve made on him and I just adore his personality and his intelligence 💗

  7. First of all, THANK YOU for showing that Chop still has housebreaking/manner issues. It’s one thing to say something like “oh, we’re still having to work on this”, but to see it, I think is reassuring for viewers.

    Second of all, the snippet (I didn’t make note of the time mark) when Chop and Inertia are holding paws, is the best thing I’ve seen all day.

    In terms of his dna results, do the results/will the results alter your training from here on out?

  8. I’m really really hoping that by the end of the series, you surprise us by keeping him! Seeing how far he has come with you guys and the friendship between him and Inertia is so sweet, it makes me sad to think of him with anyone else !

  9. I was laughing so hard at Chop chomping on the rug. Our golden always did when she was a puppy; if you took your eyes off her for a second, she’d be folding the carpet over and nibbling on the corners. It’s funnier when it’s not me dealing with it. 😂 But it really helped me teach her “leave it.”

  10. Inertia and Chop are adorable together. It’s also so nice to see Inertia so comfortable around such a large dog. It was really helpful and encouraging to see Chop getting into things at the beginning… knowing it happens no matter how careful you are and that it’s not totally the end of the world if you use it as a training moment. I was super surprised his biggest breed percent is a lab!!!

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