Heavy Duty Gorilla Tough Indestructible Escape Proof Dog Crates

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Dog escapes crate is a common headline for dog owners shocked that a dog can break out of a crate. But if you have a large and powerful dog that has not been crate trained or is a determined escape artist, then you too will likely be needing a heavy duty dog crate to keep him or her contained.

Traditional wire crates are great if you have a young and small puppy that you are in the process of crate training. And they are good if you already have a crate trained older dog.

But for canines that are neither, your pet may make short work of their cage, finding a way to escape or destroy it. An escape proof dog crate is needed.

However, not all heavy duty dog crates are created equal. Some may look tough, but they will be no problem at all to your clever Houdini or tough gorilla who will find a way to either outsmart or break their way out.

A good escape proof dog crate is usually robust and sturdy, constructed from strong materials like steel or aluminum, unlike traditional crates which use lengths of thin metal wire.

Be cautious around cheap heavy duty dog crates. While you may think you're saving money, you could end up paying twice or more if it's not that well built.

Virtually indestructible dog crates are not cheap, so if you haven't researched the market very well, you could end up not only having to buy a new crate, but also replacing anything else that your pet may have damaged. Some cheap crates are not only easy for your dog to destroy, but are also dangerous to dogs due to low quality workmanship or materials.

No need to worry however, as we have already done the research, so you don't have to.

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