How Do You Make Your Dog’s Commands More Reliable?

Layering in the ecollar to the “climb” command.

In this video I’m demonstrating how I utilize the ecollar in my training to increase reliability of the behavior and also increase distance and duration.

Homer struggles with dog reactivity, so having a solid and reliable climb command will help socialize him around other dogs. This command will also help him build confidence as we generalize it to other objects/surfaces along with teaching him how to relax. His wheels are constantly turning and that anxiety helps play a role in his reactivity.

In this video, I explain what pre-requisites your dog should have before using the ecollar, some drills to help proof and some important things to keep in mind.

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8 Comments on “How Do You Make Your Dog’s Commands More Reliable?”

  1. Nice job! Your channel rocks. Glad to see your putting out good info. Most people don’t due to the backlash they get from uneducated people. Which I could see with some of the comments regarding the ecollar. It’s sad so many people have a misunderstanding of the ecollar. And it’s wild to know it’s illegal in some countries.

  2. Take a shot everytime she says “elevated dog bed”. 🤭 Ok please don’t….

    This is really good tho. I’ve learned a lot from YouTube trainers and you finally popped up in my recommended feed. I’m ready to get more serious with my dog. The Herm Sprenger was a miracle in breaking all her fears and the e collar has also given her so much confidence now that she can go off leash with it 😀. She’s done so well in the 8 months I’ve had her 🥰

    1. That’s so great to hear!

      You might enjoy my online training community, you can check it out here:

  3. So my wife gives commands. Dog listens. I give commands Dog listens however my wife’s tone is higher than mine so there are times when her higher tone which is so high I’d have to have helium around to get that high. Because of the tone the difference in pitch tone to the dog it sounds like different command even when the same command is given.

    I’ve noticed a different response from male and female commands. Stereotypically males have lower voice and females have higher voice which when different enough to a dog will sound like a different command.

    Do you work on minimizing the pitch to be more balance when commands are given by either male or female? Curious on your thoughts about this.

  4. Just for my personal knowledge if you have been working with leash pressure and as you go past the bed could it cause confusion for the dog cause of trying to stay by your side on walks

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