How to Train the FIRST 5 THINGS to ANY Puppy! Reality Dog Training

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What were the first things you taught YOUR dog?

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34 Comments on “How to Train the FIRST 5 THINGS to ANY Puppy! Reality Dog Training”

    1. Me either…I don’t even have a dog (yet), just 3 cats. Fascinating, and you never know…just in case. Thinking about fostering, see how it goes, maybe there will be a foster fail doggie!

    1. I have a 10 month old GSD. They’re amazing and super smart! Good luck with your new best friend ❤️🐶🐾

      What we did to tire ours out when needed:
      -beginners puzzles
      – play
      – training
      – holding her or sitting with her outside listening to new sounds in our backyard

  1. Zak and Bree are still the #1 trainers out there, and their content and training videos keep evolving to another level! So educational and fun to watch! Thank you both ❤️🐼

  2. I’ve watched just about every video you have in the last few months to prepare for our new Christmas puppy, we’ve had her just under a month and she’s smarter than every dog I’ve known following your advice. It’ll be awesome to watch this series as we also raise our new fur baby 🙂

  3. I have been asking my parents to get a puppy for 5 years now! I’ve watched your videos uncle Zak, and I am trying to prove that I am old enough and responsible enough to get one! Thank you very much!!

    1. I have been asking for more than 10 years now, let me know if and how you succeeded please xD
      This is getting on my nerves xD
      I’ll probably have finished studying and live at my own place before I get them to allow a puppy living in this house xD

  4. In case you need to catch up, here is a playlist with ALL of Biscuits’ episodes in order:

    We hope you’re enjoying this series as much as we enjoyed filming it! Let us know what you think and give us your requests for future videos here!!

    We cast Biscuits because of all of your comments 🙌 What do you want to see throughout her series?!? We still have a LOT to cover with her….. 🤯🕺

    1. Can you focus on proper socialization, and teaching them to think you are number 1 when in public? Of all the videos of yours I have seen, I missed the ball on that with my pup.

    2. I would love to hear your opinions on the Hunger for Words experiments, where owners are training their dogs to communicate via voice-recorded buttons (such as FluentPet)!
      I’d recommend checking out the channels hungerforwords and What About Bunny, among others, as they have been incredibly insightful about the thought processes of dogs. Personally, I find these experiments incredibly interesting and overall _monumental_ in the study and understanding of dog psychology and intelligence!
      I’d even love if maybe you guys could give it a try (maybe with Inertia?), since you already have dog training under your belt to help you with the button training.

  5. So interesting!! Looks more difficult with a small dog where we might be tempted to pull them etc. This is going to be a totally different experience for us viewers (Chop – Biscuits) 😁😁

  6. Biscuit is so adorable. My puppy is about six months old so we’re a bit ahead of where you are with Biscuit but I’m still finding the general training tips helpful. TFS. ~ Betty

  7. my husband wants to get a dog for our farm but I want to be able to train whatever dog we get before we decide to have a farm dog. this is so perfect because I want our dog to have good social skills and be able to listen when we have guests.

  8. I would love to know more about that little frisbee! My Pom is 10 lbs now and I would love to try and teach him frisbee but I haven’t been able to find one that is small and light enough!

  9. I love seeing the progression of your leave-it training! Thank you for demonstrating that it’s okay to change/rework methods to avoid teaching via mistakes and move toward teaching through successes.

  10. Socialization is so important, so I’m glad you covered it, I also have a suggestion for a future RDT (Reality Dog Training) series. Maybe you should try training a Service Dog Prospect like getting the Service Dog Prospect in a position to pass the CGC tests.

    1. We just got our nine week old shiny new Lab service dog puppy “Joy”. We are doing the “raising” for an org that provides service dogs (emotional support and disability) for veterans.

      We’re having a blast and are at about 75% success on potty training. Its been super cold since we got her about a week ago. We took her to the post office to offer Saturday morning puppy love to the patrons, and to the drugstore for an errand. She was occasionally shivery and nervous, but always happy to greet people.

      The org does a great job desensitizing for early development like touching bodies all over esp. feet and collar areas, and providing exposure to novel textures and surfaces. I’d love the opportunity to have a session like the one outdoors that you shoed here but its so damned cold!

      Any suggestions?? We’ll be training in a fairly vacant mall in a few weeks but I’m looking for other indoor environments where we could explore.

  11. Oh man, I’ve got an unexpected foster puppy arriving next weekend (first puppy ever), so I’m going back to every video Zak’s ever put out on puppy training… plus the Biscuit series to tie it together.

  12. As much as I love tiny dogs I don’t think I could ever have one, I’m disabled and can’t bend down very easy so training would be a nightmare! This series is really making me reconsider though, she’s so stinking cute 🥰

  13. I love how you just whipped out a tiny frisbee 😆. Inertia is also a great pup sitter!

    This episode was really helpful. I found it useful to have a review of teaching the basic lure training and how to go at the dog’s own pace in public. Especially with such a small dog.

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