How To Use A Gentle Leader Head Collar – Professional Dog Training Tips

We will sometimes suggest that a student uses a gentle leader head collar with their dog. Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about the gentle leader. It can be a really useful head collar for a dog who needs to be calmer, pulls too much on walks, or generally is too large or strong for their human to take them for walks safely! This collar comes in several different sizes and is adjustable so you can fit it perfectly on your dog. In this video, we'll talk about how to fit a gentle leader, as well as how to put a gentle leader on your dog. Instructor Steve Walsh will also talk about how to use your gentle leader so it doesn't cause any discomfort when you're using it with your four-legged family member.

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37 Comments on “How To Use A Gentle Leader Head Collar – Professional Dog Training Tips”

  1. Thank you for this, I have to give it a try for my husky shepherd mix. She looks more shepherd but that husky pull mode is very ingrained in her. And I LOVE your pup, Irish Wolfhounds are one of my favorite breeds! ❤

  2. I just bought this for my mini pinscher mix because he’s a nightmare to walk. I’ve tried all type of harnesses/colllars and he always escapes. Hopefully this will help him learn how to walk better lol.

    1. did it work? I am considering purchasing for my terrier min pin mix… He is 2 years old and I suffered with a regular harness and nothing works for the pulling. I now have another dog that is bigger, so im considering buying one for each because walking both of them has become a nightmare lol

    2. @Logan Shaye hi Logan I’ve been using the gentle leader for almost a month now. I have a 45 kg reactive dog and it helped soooo much.

      I introduced the gentle leader very gently and he accepts it now. I feel more in control because he can’t pull me wherever he wants to go.

      He didn’t completly stop pulling we’re still working one that. but when he gets over his threshold I can still control him. good luck! I hope it works for you as well 🙂

  3. Just got one last week for my American bulldog who has dragged me off my feet many times it got to the point where I couldn’t walk him myself always had to have my partner with me. Tonight we went for our first solo walk saw three dogs and absolutely no pulling. I am actually enjoying walking my dog again.

    1. I’m trying the gentle leader of my dog tomorrow. I’m having the same problem with my lab. I literally can’t walk with her. Hope to see the same results!

    2. @Hanna A Same here! I just bought one and have been slowly introducing it to him. My lab is 1.5 years old, though and I am worried that I started too late. He paws at it a lot (once that starts, I distract him with a treat and then remove it – not sure if this is the best idea?), but I am hoping he becomes comfortable with it soon so I can enjoy our walks again.

    3. Really, I recently got one for my border collie he is so energetic he runs everywhere. So in really hoping that I will only have to use this for abit then be able to go back to his harness haha

    4. @Ryan Francis It went well after a while. Problem is my husband did not really like to use it, and without consistency it just didn’t work for us. 🙁 I’m sure with some consistency, discipline, and proper intro it would have worked. I took about 1-2 weeks to intro it for a walk around the block.

  4. My 3 year old Pitbull used to never be able to go one walks because of her pulling issue. After she got comfortable with it on her face it was like she was a whole different dog on walks. Lina loves it!

  5. we adopted an excitable 3 year old dog, we’re his 3rd home, he doesn’t know any basic commands or at least doesn’t listen consistently, and is the same size as the dog in the video… when we first took him for a walk and realized he pulls like ive never experienced. doesn’t seem interested in anything in particular, not even us. nobody ever walks him alone because of how strong and big he is we don’t want him or others to get hurt. hopefully this helps and it’s not too late to teach him.

    1. I hope you’ve figured something out! If not, you might want to look into getting an e collar. They can be really helpful in getting a stubborn dogs attention. (I don’t mean shocking your dog, use vibrating one)

  6. This has me feeling confident in using the Gentle Leader. I have a 1 1/5yo Siberian Husky who knows some commands but still having to work on her pulling, jumping etc. Thanks guys!

  7. My puppy is constantly trying to get this off her nose when we are practicing putting it on, any tips or help with this? We have been breaking her into this everyday and she seems to either chew on it or like try to get it off her nose.

  8. I’ve come to the point where I hate walking my dog he’s so crazy he’ll just pull and pull and lets just say his collars are usually not that sufficient so he’ll end up taking it off and just running away which is VERY MUCH not ideal I’ve tried training him I don’t even know what I’m doing wrong I really hope this works

  9. My corgi is a nightmare to walk. She will basically choke herself for the duration of our walk, try to chase cars, people and other dogs. We just tried the gentle leader for the first time tonight and it worked out really well! She pawed at it a couple times to get it off, but over all, she did way better than I expected her too. No pulling at all. She’s a fast learner, so I have hope.

    1. I will say. I literally just bought a head collar today and I wasn’t even looking for one. I was out at the pet store looking for toys and I came across it. I decided I should give it a try because my dog Piper (a 1.5 year old rescue lab/pit mix) is a horrible leash puller, very strong, and a hyper spazzy playful mess. I HAVE NEVER …. I repeat…. NEVER had such an easy walk with her today ever before! She tugged a few times because this was her first time but didn’t yank on the leash once and listened to my commands in a distracting environment with ease. I can’t believe how easy this was for me and her to use and I feel so much more comfortable using this head collar instead of a regular collar because she won’t be choking herself to death if she does pull (which I doubt she will now). Just saying, take it from someone who bought this on a whim for a strong spazzy leash pulling dog that took ME for walks and on the first training session I wasn’t pulled around once and I actually got to take my dog for a walk. LOVE THIS HEAD COLLAR! 🥳

  10. I had a 80 lb half Chow half lab mix. Within 5 minutes of wearing this collar she went for walks without any trouble. She was a strong willed dog too

  11. I feel you forgot to stress the most important rule: Never pull around on these things. You can seriously hurt your dog’s mouth. When they pull, stop, let the leash tighten and wait. Your dog will come back to you to release the pressure. This goes for all kinds of these, also Haltis. And if you have a wild child, stand still too, they will calm down eventually. But also be aware that they can slip out of it. Then it might be best to remove yourself from the situation for a moment.

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