I DIDN’T KNOW what I was getting into… [Reality Dog Training Ep 10]

We’ll start training George the pit bull to listen around dogs and see what we can do about taking his Frisbee game to the next level.
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29 Comments on “I DIDN’T KNOW what I was getting into… [Reality Dog Training Ep 10]”

  1. Wow he did an AMAZING job with the frisbees!!! He’s a very quick learner, whoever adopts him is extremely lucky, if I lived in the US I would adopt him. Wishing George the best home, and a great life! <3

  2. The camera work for this whole series and the Moira series is so good…love George ❤️ he is super adorable (those big brown eyes are the best)

  3. It has been a joy to see the training of George. I like that you so the mistakes as well as his accomplishments. George is is amazing. Good job!

  4. Hi Zack, it was so cute when George instead of staying, walked quietly behind you, The home George should end up in is yours. Do George the biggest favor ever, KEEP HIM, Keep up the good work.

  5. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this episode! You can really see the wheels turning on George figuring out how to catch multiple frisbees! Super exciting to watch you train George and how excited you get when he -GETS IT! Gosh I love watching your channel!

  6. george is THE embodiment of my ADHD, hahahha!! all of it: the good, the bad and the ugly. this intense hyperfocus and impulsivity at the same time, the constant need for going for more, for something new. the same ball he went crazy about and couldn‘t/didn‘t want to let go for six minutes straight has already lost its appeal. hope he finds human soulmates who are just as interested in pushing ever new frontiers and chasing ever new goals.

  7. So why am I tearing up when I see George do so amazing with the frisbee?? Probably because I know how awesome pitbull type dogs are and how they get such a bad rep. Probably because I know he came from a shelter where he most likely looked over bestest of his breed type. Probably because I know that Zak gave him a wonderful opportunity to find a beautiful, loving family for his forever home!!! Good job George (both of you ☺️)

  8. Look, I love the idea of Bree and Zak adopting George as much as the next guy, but I think we should stop commenting about it so much. These videos are not coming out in real time, and there’s a very big chance that George has already been adopted.

    It’s clear how much they love him, and as someone who has done a ton of fostering, it would hurt like HELL to be constantly told “you should adopt them!” When you know they’ve already been adopted.

    If they adopt him, that’s awesome, and if they don’t, that’s also awesome because it means George in another loving home.

    1. I agree with every word you said 100%! While I totally get where people are coming from, the pressure they’ve been applying on Zac and Bree is just not okay, even if it comes from a place of affection for all three Georges. I would happily watch the George show every week indefinitely, but I think people should read and carefully consider what you have said before posting even one more comment telling Zac and Bree what they “should” or “must” do with George. Instead we should show our appreciation for them and for the wonderful work they are doing by supporting them and trusting them to make the very best decision for *all* three Georges. Thank you for providing an eloquent plea from the important perspective of a foster, and also for the work you to to help animals like George become adoptable and find loving homes!

    2. Cannot agree more with this. There’s so little emotional intelligence in comments like that.

      At some point I’d also like to start fostering. Just knowing myself, I’ll definitely struggle at letting go as much as George did/does. 😂

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