I Don’t Think I Can Let This Dog Go [Reality Dog Training Ep 8]

George is a tough dog to let go of! This is our toughest day of training yet. George is learning how to listen around his most tempting distraction yet! This video is sponsored by Pupford. Get my favorite Pupford training treats HERE: https://pfrd.site/traintreats !!!!!

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36 Comments on “I Don’t Think I Can Let This Dog Go [Reality Dog Training Ep 8]”

  1. The other night I had a dream that I was best friends with Zak and Brie and we traveled around training dogs together. I’m now contemplating the amount of time I spend watching dog training videos… but of course I’m watching this one the minute it drops!!

    1. @Bree George OMG!!!! I’m fan girling! I have a rescue pit that I got almost a year ago. We’ve dealt with a lot of behavior issues and fears due to her being a stray and we’re just now really focusing on basic obedience. I feel like I’m watching my girl when I watch George so I’m watching these videos over and over and over again so I can fix my mistakes and set my girl up for success. I love you guys and what to do so much!!!!

  2. I bet if you read the description of the ultimate home for George it’ll be yours.

    The key is, can you provide the home to all three dogs the way they deserve. If yes, bend or break the rule with your wife’s permission/agreement.

  3. There’s always a reason certain fosters come into our lives, may it be so we can have them grow old with us. Or so they can help develop and gain confidence, healing from trauma. If you feel that you should hold onto George, you should. Trust you intuition Zak!

  4. I understand! I wouldn’t be able to give up/ give back George, he’s such an amazing dog, and you’ve done a fantastic job with training him. With a dog this beautiful and smart, he deserves the best home (like all dogs do)! 🙂

  5. It appears that your four-legged new friend has an innate talent with the frisbee. It would be a pity to not nurture it. He is such an intelligent lad!! Your bond with George is real. You should keep him to let his gifts grow and develop. Besides, we are all here awaiting for you to show us his progress. Wishing you all a very happy future together 🥰

  6. I know what you mean with the concept of fostering and letting them go. But sometimes you just meet a dog that belongs in your family, and its okay to not let them go.

  7. In my opinion, I think George would be a great foster “fail”. He would make a great ambassador for his breed on such a big and wonderful platform. Plus he gets along so well with the other dogs. Indy is a senior so it would make Inertia’s transition without her easier in the future.

    1. Not a foster “fail,” but instead George is a great foster “find!” That being said, I fully support whatever decision they make to be the right one for George *and* The Georges. One thing I have learned from this series is that Zak and Bree are great dog selectors! They went into that shelter and recognized George for the special, intelligent, charismatic good boy that he is, which has made this series so awesome but does come with it some stress for *all* of us, including Zak & Bree, as it is going to be incredibly more difficult to see him go.

    2. Well, this has definitely become my Favorite YouTube channel.
      If you read this Zak,
      You guys have made it onto my
      “I can’t miss my program”
      List 😉👍🐕 🐕‍🦺
      I used to absolutely hate dogs until our Yorkiepoo came into our lives. She changed me profoundly and now I
      Love Dogs, all dogs and even discovered that I have a feeling for learning how to get them to show me what they can do.
      It’s Such a rewarding experience to work with them and I discovered that they have more than just instinct, there is a complex thought process and watching your series really helps my ability to communicate with that process.

      Your shoe! 👟

  8. My gutcheck for training is how many times I feel like I’m saying “no” to the dog, or having to grab the leash. If I have to say no/grab the leash more frequently than normal, I know I’m making it way too difficult for the dog. It’s hard to notice sometimes that it’s happening, but once you do it’s easy to tell how you’re not providing enough opportunities for success. Reinforcement needs to happen frequently enough to keep the dog from getting frustrated and showing stress signs like yawning and shaking off. Dogs like George can so easily get frustrated being told no, especially if he’s struggling to make the big connections himself. That’s always a good time to return to the beginning and take itty bitty baby steps to be able to provide rapid reinforcement. As trainers say, it’s always best to show a dog exactly what to do rather than what not to do! I think Zak does great here and reaches George eventually, but this is 100% reality dog training! Even the best trainers sometimes don’t catch when they’re pushing a little too quickly in the moment and have to recover and start noticing the signs, which Zak definitely did with all the shake-offs! George is such a good boy too.

  9. But unless you find a home who’s experienced with dog training I don’t see it working out because he needs to keep working on it and even once they grab a concept you need repetition and I think your the only home for hi

  10. My girlfriend has a dog that is just like George; focused, crazy smart, and a total goof. He only knows how to sit and that’s it. I have been helping my girl by teaching him the basics, but he’s so hard. He’s HER dog, but oh man, sometimes I just crave for his goofiness and how challenging/rewarding he is. My own dog is also amazing; I love him with all my heart but her dog found his way into my heart too. Sometimes you just have to listen to what your heart tells you. If you can give him the life he deserves with the rest of your furry family and wife, and still foster other dogs, I think you should keep him. I would love to see him stay on the channel and your lives.

  11. I was really hoping you’d be his forever home. George has clearly grown to love you, trust you and feel truly comfortable around you. He gets along with your dogs and seems like a perfect play partner for Inercia. I feel like you could portray a positive image of pitbull type dogs. Anyways I trust you will make the right choice!

  12. Keep George. He loves and trusts you. He would make a better sponsor for bully-type dogs if he has your platform and your training to back him. Break that stigma, make George famous. You two deserve each other

  13. The way George feels about the ball is EXACTLY how my dog feels about my cat 😅 The problem is that I can’t use the cat as a reward lol

  14. I started fostering once the pandemic started, both dogs and cats. It felt like I would CONSTANTLY be asked by everyone, “Why don’t you keep him/her?”
    I would be confused with so many people asking me that question, because the purpose of me fostering was to be able to help as many dogs/cats as I could. If I kept all of them, it would be impossible to keep doing this…

    Thank you for the YouTube videos, I love watching and learning from them!

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