Intro to Schutzhund Tracking

Our newest trainer, Matt Fiala, teaches us how to begin Schutzhund tracking.

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13 Comments on “Intro to Schutzhund Tracking”

  1. Nice clear and to the point vid.
    Normally when it comes to advanced training vid’s I find myself trying to decipher terminology, why, and what they are trying to accomplish. While suffering through non-important verbal diarrhea.
    I hope to see more tracking progress vids.

  2. Looking forward to part 2. Also, if you could answer, I feed all my dogs raw. Would treats be what I use for the box or should I ball up little pieces of raw and do it that way? Thanks

    1. I feed my dogs raw diet as well. I use high value snacks for treats to train, like hot dogs, cheese, bologna, left over steak, cut up chicken, stuff like that.

  3. What if your puppy pees in the box? My puppy kinda wondered what the flags were. That ok? What is the reasoning for taking the dog out before the food is gone? Thank you for posting this!!!

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