The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed… I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.

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26 Comments on “The Future of Our Channel and Our Dog’s Breed Mix Revealed… I WISH THIS WASN’T TRUE.”

  1. Lab siblings here, one is more likely to get hit in the face than try to catch something, but has crazy prey drive. Her brother has low prey drive but loves/is great at fetch

  2. Veronica definitely has the underbite of the Pekingese. She is so cute with her furry ears and tail. I don’t know why people cared so much what breed she was, does it really matter. NO .. I would like to know what the smell was in the air because Veronica kept sniffing something.

  3. We had and Australian Shepherd who was scary smart. We had a dairy so she had a job. She was a wonderful pet and a great help on the farm. Years later I yearned for another dog like her and while I knew she was irreplaceable, I thought I knew what I could expect. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This new Aussie was a scatter brained airhead with absolute no focus. Now, I still loved her but she was not only totally different, she was clueless. 😂

    1. SAME. I had a fantastic German Shorthaired Pointer who was confident, smart, incredible focus on the task. I could take him bikejoring and pass birds, dogs, people, and he ignored them all. My current GSP can’t handle himself, if that makes any sense. He’s in constant sensory overload. He’s getting a lot better on some medications (none are sedatives,) but I still doubt he’ll ever be trustworthy with the bike

  4. We have had labs and lab mixes, they all have had different personalities but they all have loved everyone in our family, loved to learn, and are/were very food motivated. The one that didn’t retrieve came from hunting lines, go figure. Appreciate all the information you have provided about research.

  5. I’ve always said my black lab, Maizy, didn’t get the lab memo:). She hated water and didn’t like fetch, but she loved her squirrels both live and stuffed. She loved her veggies too. Now I have a chowder lab (border collie mostly) and she loves fetch. I’m hoping one day she’ll be a Frisbee dog, but right now she will only bring it to me. I love seeing your two dogs together!! Thanks for having Inertia in the series. Veronica is a doll and wow what a breed mix.

  6. The look on Zak’
    s face when she explained why they are named cocker spaniels and then the jump cut leads me to suspect there was some smirking cut out hahahah

  7. The cited study as a couple of limitations, as expected from a survey study. Although the questions are validated through a scientific process they still rely on owner experience. Questions such as “how much does your dog like to play” are definitly influenced by having experience with several dogs and dog breeds. For example, I had a lab as my first dog and I thought that he was always ready to play. That definition of a playfull dog changed when I got my aussie shepard.
    They still report some statisticall diferences between specific breeds, but I think the most importank takeways are:
    – no dog breed is inherently violent;
    – if you are really looking for specific traits those are mainly passed down from the parents, so do proper research.

  8. “We’re going to get it medically corrected”
    “No we’re not, it doesn’t seem to interfere with her frisbee”
    Zak always a frisbee boy through and through lol

    1. I with people would put so much emphasis on what the breed of dog is – says the guy obsessed with border collies. That’s ok, I want a border collie too. Dog breed doesn’t effect behavior, so you can expect similar characteristics in a basset hound and a working line border collie.

  9. I coach swimming lessons for dogs. I’ve had 2 golden retrievers and a yellow lab who won’t swim! Definitely not breed specific behaviour. They just had different personalities.

  10. Enjoyed this episode, I think explaining science is really important to help people understand why research makes the claims it does (especially when it contradicts widespread assumptions). I’m excited for the new content!

  11. I’m so excited for the extension of The Dog Training Experience because proofing my dog’s behavior in all places and situations is the stage I’m in right now so I think this “bridging the gap” content will be super helpful (just like all your other content!) Thanks for explaining and discussing that study as well. I did a lot of research prior to getting my dog and was honestly a little shocked at how much he defied the breed stereotypes I had read about. He’s the first dog I’ve ever had and I didn’t know about your work until right after I got him so I was less informed. He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me despite (and even because of) his deviation from breed stereotypes. Even though I knew dogs weren’t robots or cookie cutter versions of each other, I still assumed that there were some traits that I could expect. Now I know that it’s just not that simple. Thanks for all you do! 💜

  12. I have been watching your shows for years, love it. But this episode was so fun for my family. My wife runs the survey research department of her company (healthcare company). Her group builds the surveys and has to go through the process you referenced and she was so happy to hear it responsibly explained!!!!!

  13. I used to do pet sitting out of my home and I once had the pleasure of watching the quietest husky I had ever met. Never mouthed off, no random screeching or howling. In fact I can’t even remember her making a sound, even while playing! She was one of the best behaved dogs I’ve watched and was a regular repeat client.

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