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20 Comments on “This Dog is JUMPING ALL OVER MY HOUSE and BARKING AT DOGS! HE’S OUT OF CONTROL! Reality Dog Training”

  1. You’re my favorite dog trainer (and the only one I watch tbh lol) because you keep it real, you show your struggles and how you overcome them and I’ve learned so much from you 🙂

  2. Another great video! The DNA results are my biggest interest. He looks exactly like my friends dog (who was also rescued from a remote village, but as a puppy). I’m so anxious lol CAN’T WAIT

  3. Zak’s videos have made us hopeful in our training journey, and our dogs did evolve from half-obedient huskies to 80%-obedient huskies (sometimes) thanks to all the great training tips Zak gave!

  4. I love the way Chop looks at you. Pure joy in his face. I’ve been training my collie for 2 years and boy she’s a challenge. 1step forward and 6 back. Some days we just get it so right. .

  5. I have never seen you reply here, but I am going to ask anyway. Did you have a plan for if the dna results showed any Wolf? What is Alaska’s rules on owning wolf dogs? What is your personal opinion on wolf dogs as pets and does it vary based on the percentage?

  6. You tease! lol I know several of us have been waiting to see what breed he is. Now we’re anxiously awaiting the next video 🙂 I’ve been watching you for at least 10 years, and I love how your content has evolved through the years. You and Bree make a wonderful team! Though I don’t think you’ll ever train her to leave the fries. I have the same problem with myself! lol

  7. Bree and Zak, you teases! You’re going to make us wait to find out Chop’s breed analysis! Just makes me look forward to the next installment even more. Chop is doing really, really well and you’ve only been working with him for a short period of time. I’m having some difficulties with my little boy reacting to people. He isn’t “reactive”, he just wants to go visit them and get petted, but he’s pulling and barking. So we’ve got some work to do. This little guy seems to think humans were put on this earth specifically to pet him and tell him how wonderful he is.

  8. I think you’re great with him. I have a siberian husky (read ABSOLUTE BRAT, LOL). I used a shake can (soda can with some pennies inside and taped shut) to train him to stay off the kitchen counters. It worked beautifully and one year later, he still doesn’t get on the counters, no matter what is up there. He just sniffs and walks away.

  9. I’ve got to hand it to you Zak. As a once dog trainer myself Id be using a Stim Collar. Cohmp is one determined pup. I could not be patient enough with his getting on the counter.
    It seems with this particular dog a more “Adversive” approach would knock it out of him.
    Using only PRT is a much more timely and patient approach. Can’t wait to see how he does later. By the way Your dinner was cold!!

  10. You’re the only dog trainer I can trust. Thank you for giving people reliable information about dog training!

    P.S. My dog, Baxter, just jumped on the couch and licked my face as I wrote this comment.

  11. Chop has the cutest expressive face… he is on board for any adventure you have in store for him! And he seems like such a happy dog… he’s wagging his tail as he is staring at scrumptious fries and a burger on the counter, and he is still wagging his tail when you call him away to get some kibble. He is a good boy… and you guys are doing great with him. 😊

  12. I really appreciate this vide, particularly the 4:30 ish point where you show that Chop wasn’t listening and you had to work with him more than once that session on leaving the food alone. It’s nice to see a session that isn’t “one and done” so to speak. Would love to see a dog, like mine, that goes over threshold in their own home every time they sense someone near the house. How do you handle that lol.

  13. Chop reminds me so much of my parents Alaskan Malamute. Even though she’s grown up around people, she is still a bit of a wild child. These videos have been so good to watch!

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