THIS is the MOST useful dog training command (and easy to do)

In this video, I break down and demonstrate the beginning stages of the 'Place' or 'Climb' command. This is the command that my clients use the most in everyday life and can apply to many areas.

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23 Comments on “THIS is the MOST useful dog training command (and easy to do)”

  1. I do “Hop Up” and “Break” for dogs I walk. Its so handy. On the trail with off leash dogs we let others pass by using this command 🙂

  2. My dog gets over excited when I have food during training. Can I do this without food? He’ll take it out of my hand so fast he’s nibbled on my finger. What would you recommend?

  3. So with the place command, if you are say out on a trail and want to use it to keep the dog calm while another person or dog pass, what do you teach the dog to do?

  4. Can you explain your comment about adding a prong collar or e-collar? Why would you use/need that? Thanks for your videos – really helpful, informative and inspiring.

  5. Where did you learn to be a dog trainer? I’m asking because you sounds like a TRS graduate. Using the climb command and saying 1.3 seconds. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  6. We taught this to one of our dogs and it is working well! Our other dog is bit smarter, however and barks when on place, should we be ignoring the barking until she calms down? She lays down when tethered to the bed but barks, how do we correct this?

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