Training a Reactive SERVICE Dog (what I do first)

For this Board & Train I decided to bring back the vlog style that we used to upload (have you watched my other 100+ videos?).. Let me know if you all like this style in the comments below and stay tuned for Cooper's transformation and go-home lesson!

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Please watch: "I drove 20 hours to train this Goldendoodle! (vlog)"


21 Comments on “Training a Reactive SERVICE Dog (what I do first)”

  1. Love this style of videos!! So many good tidbits of info thrown in here, and you have such a great presence in explaining both the logic behind the concept and actionable ways to implement it in training. Hope to see more of these!!

    1. too many furmums on tiktok🤣cant post anything about service dogs without being called an abuser or having people tell you that your dog isnt your slave

  2. So proud of this handler and pup. It can be really discouraging when you see your service dog start to have difficulty with reactivity or any part of the training in general. Very responsible to take them out of PA and get some help:)) well done!

  3. Cooper’s so cute–he looks a LOT like Major Biden, lol. Send this to the Secret Service, maybe you’ll get a Whitehouse invite!!🤣

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