What Do You Do When Your Dog Tries To Bite You?

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54 Comments on “What Do You Do When Your Dog Tries To Bite You?”

  1. zak your videos have helped me train my 9 year old rescue i got her at 8 months and trained her because of your videos! shes also a quick learner!

  2. Ive got a 9month old border collie mix.. I fill like half of the training has been on me teaching myself to be more patient and understanding 😅

    1. Mine is two months old and I feel like I’m horrible at this 😜 The only thing I can get him to do consistently is sit. Come is hit and miss, but my biggest issue is leave it! He keeps eating our grass, Wood chips, rocks. I can get him to leave something momentarily with a treat, but not always. Any advice?

    2. Emily Stoker just keep with it. Repetition is key. Your dog will soon realize that she will get paid (treats) when she listens to you. You also have to make the reward more enticing than what it wants to do. You’ll get it!

    3. Theresa Zackary thank you! I definitely need the encouragement. I think I need to find a bigger variety of treats until I find something he really likes more than leaves and sticks 😆

    4. Emily Stoker get the stinky ones! Lol I know my girls wasn’t impressed with anything chicken. It had to be something with a strong beef smell, salmon and sometimes lamb works too. When in a pinch, 8 would cut up some jerky or a beef hotdog for a good high value reward. Once you start trying out the stinky treats, you’ll see what I mean.

  3. I really appreciate you making these videos. My husband and I are getting our first puppy soon and these videos have made us feel prepared and excited to train. We also love seeing cute little inertia make progress. So thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge with this series.

    1. @Robin Rotman oh,well,he can’t-with these methods it won’t work 🙂 if you’re experiencing this issue there are more suitable trainers for example-Upstate canine academy(TomDavis)

    2. @Blond_Albatraoz _ love Tom, also wish he had better videos for resource guarding and crate guarding 🙂 Things for more advanced dog-owners (or however you want to word that hahah)

  4. My dog really liked to chase cats. And various cats liked to lounge in the sun in our fenced garden. Every day they’d be back, and the dog would chase them off. Until a cat showed up that didn’t run… My dog was running full speed towards the cat, but the cat just stood there, staring at her… She didn’t know what to do. I called her back inside and she just looked so relieved. Like “oh thank god, I have to go now!”

  5. I love that you also show when shes naughty or struggles. Everyone else just seams to show how perfect there dogs are even from puppies and it doesnt seam realistic and makes me feel like a failure. thanks for being real

    1. Kirsteen Niven no. You’re wrong. I understand that’s what you want to see, and that’s what Zak wants you to see, but that’s not the reality. The reality is his methods and positive only methods are unfounded and really don’t work, which is why he struggles so much. His dog is so far behind and what I detest is that he is actually using his failures to convince the lay person that it is normal so that when you struggle and take a year to do what should take a month, or your own dog bites you like his does, you can watch his video of him failing and say “it’s ok, a professional struggles just like me”.

      Let me put it this way, if you needed an operation and the surgeon you were considering showed videos of himself making an incision on the wrong arm of a patient, would you honestly praise him for being “genuine”? Or go to a surgeon who doesn’t make such mistakes? Honestly.

    2. @Static Resurrection I stand by everything I said. Too many trainers make demo videos with dogs which already know the behaviour required. No-one can transform a collie puppy into a well-behaved adult dog in a month – it’s not physically possible – their brains are still developing and they are going to behave like puppies for a lot longer. Other trainers often look more slick because they are standing in a sterile environment with no distractions whatsoever with a well-trained adult dog trotting through a trick they learned five years previously. I am not saying that I agree with everything he does in this particular video but at least he is showing real life situations and how he is dealing with them, rather than the edited highlights.

    3. @Luculencia um, yes he does. You can tell that he knows what he’s doing. Please do not think of this comment as hate, I would just want to say that I think he does very well.

  6. “Usually whatever it is their guarding isn’t as good as some real meat”

    My dog guarding a fly on the floor, not willing to trade for a plate full of chicken juices

    1. My dog guards cardboard and will keep it in place of cheese or butter. It’s not so simple, I agree. And how do you fight back against a random bone found outside with a piece of meat (been there). I like Zach a lot for these things, but after my experiences with resource guarding, I’ve found him to fall short.

    2. @Kim Burnett I’m really curious if you found any techniques for the random stuff outside situation. My girl loves to go after rocks and bits of brick outside and it definitely brings out the resource guarding in her.

  7. The bow command is easy. Dogs naturally bow when they stretch so I just started saying bow and doing it myself and now both the mutt and German Shepherd bow on command. found that if you can catch the dog in action doing a motion or something you want them to do just name it and repeat the experience. Seems to work here. Like your videos very informative.

    1. Yesss I found that out too! He was barking and I just introduced the action and word “speak” and when he stopped I said “shush” … My pup picked it up straight away

    2. Yea that’s how I trained my brothers dog to tumble lol she runs and just drops to the ground and rolls she did by accident once and I clicked and gave her a treat now she does it every time I say rumble lol

    3. I mean tumble she did wave naturally as well so I use those things as my advantage tricks she does by accident but I want her do do on command I just say the word every time she does it and she picked it up pretty fast.

    1. And in addition to that if he would of named the video with something that happened in the beginning of the video ppl who weren’t here for the vlog wouldn’t of clicked if they hadn’t known that this video talked abt resource guarding. Just something to think about.

    2. It’s almost like he’s making a living doing this and getting people to watch until the end is important, while the information at the beginning is also valuable. What’s the problem here? Do you have a problem with sponsors and book promotion as well? You understand what a job is right?

  8. It’s great that Inertia is the way she is and is really challenging Zak. My dog is super chill so if he had my dog, we wouldn’t learn anything. That said I’m super glad Inertia’s owner is Zak and not me lol.

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