(When) Are Dog Crates Humane? – I Changed My Mind (Ep 6) (CC)

People over-crate their dogs in the US and some other countries. Crates can be very useful for short-term confinement for specific reasons. Dogs can learn to love their crates, especially if the door isn't shut. Dogs should be used to them for veterinary care visits, separating dogs when nothing else will work, car rides (I use a seatbelt), or other unavoidable uses. BUT crates need to be properly sized for the dog (much larger than you may think) and they need to not spend too much time in them with shut doors.

"I've Changed My Mind" is a series of short videos on a variety of topics that I've changed my mind about over the years [not just today!]. Most are dog training related, but I also talk about some more personal topics.

You may totally agree with some of the videos and others may go against your most firmly held beliefs. I'm making videos about them specifically because these are topics to wrestle with, to ponder, and we won't all agree right now. I just hope we will be kind to one another as we disagree.

The non-dog things are personal and others are hot-button topics; I hope you'll forgive me for being a human. Please subscribe here on YouTube to get the latest videos.

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