Why do people care about a dog’s breed so much? I mean really…

Does your dog’s breed matter? Can you train any dog breed? Let's explore the fascinating world of breed stereotypes in dog training. With a focus on positive reinforcement and evidence-based methods, we discuss the merits of breed stereotypes and examine their impact on our understanding of dogs like pit bulls, border collies, dachshunds, mixed breed shelter rescue dogs, Labrador retrievers, boxers, and more!

As we navigate the intriguing landscape of breed-specific behaviors, we'll consider the question: do breed stereotypes hold any truth, or are they simply misconceptions? Our discussion is aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of the unique characteristics of puppies and adult dogs, regardless of their breed.

In this eye-opening video, we'll cover:

🌟 An introduction to breed stereotypes in dog training
🌟 The role of positive reinforcement and evidence-based methods in understanding breeds
🌟 A closer look at popular dog breeds, including pit bulls, border collies, dachshunds, Labrador retrievers, boxers and more
🌟 The advantages of adopting mixed breed shelter rescue dogs
🌟 The effectiveness of positive reinforcement training for all dogs, regardless of breed

Our engaging conversation is designed to provide a fresh perspective on breed stereotypes and their implications in dog training. By examining these common beliefs, we aim to cultivate a more informed and inclusive dog training community.

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0:00 this is going to be an uphill battle
0:33 do you disagree? Tell me!
1:12 what influences dog behavior?
1:48 breed specific traits
2:22 personal anecdote
2:38 when dog trainers fixate on a breed
3:08 STUBBORN dog breeds
3:38 let's talk selective breeding
3:54 What can we do?
4:13 Advice if you're getting a new dog
4:41 Shelter dogs and mutts!
5:15 one of my favorite dog training products for only $5!

24 Comments on “Why do people care about a dog’s breed so much? I mean really…”

  1. Aww this is a wonderful video. Can you make a follow-up video for those of use who decided to go to the local animal shelter instead of buying a purebred? What are some tests or activities we can do at the shelter to determine the dog’s biddability/trainability and energy level? For me, I’m looking for a decently energetic dog who wants to please. I would like to do a variety of activities with my future dog, including off leash adventures, so that obedience piece is really key. Of course, I understand obedience must be built up over time, but starting with a puppy that is eager to please would be a huge boost!!

    1. Dogs that want to play are the trainable dogs. Don’t be too quick with your judgement. It takes a while for dogs to warm up to you. Go and see them a couple of times or ask the fixed handler in the shelter that has already build some trust with the dog to demonstrate play and games with the dog you are interested in. If the dog responds well to them, it probably will to you over time. Also buy the book Rocket recall and hunting together from Simone Mueller and obedience guide from Hanna Branigan to learn more about training these skills.

  2. I actually have a question about pupbox. If I go to the shelter and swoop up an 8 week old puppy, could I just use pupbox and then my local puppy kindergarten for socialization? Also … if you get a puppy young enough (like right at 8 weeks) can you make any dog highly obedient just because of how you raised them? OR are some dogs always going to be not that willing to please no matter what they go through starting at 8 weeks? I guess my question is if the super young mixed breed puppies are blank slates that I can craft my dream dog from.

    1. Genetics are still a huge component of how a dog will respond to training. Every dog requires a unique catered approach.

    2. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution That makes sense, a bit of a bummer because that genetic part will be a little bit of a mystery from a rescue mutt but it’s ok! I can work with a wide range of personalities since I don’t have specific needs, more just general wants. I think I will treat my next dog like my current one. Just maximizing their capacity and doing what they enjoy

  3. Well said and spot on! My lab is shy and hesitant around people. Not so outgoing. She also hates water. My pit mix loves everyone and doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. The only time he will even bark at all is for a treat. I’ve raised them both from a puppy so I can definitely say every dog has their own personality.

  4. When picking any breed from a shelter what should you be on the look for in order to figure out if they are the right one for your family? 🤔

  5. We raised a westie, I had him from 4th grade until he lived with me in college. He was the sweetest dog I’ve ever met, absolutely loved humans, really didn’t pay attention to other dogs though lol. Everyone used to tell me how aggressive or aloof westies are and I never understood it. He was my soul animal, truly the best emotional support. He passed on my birthday two years ago and I miss him every day!

  6. We have had 2 boxers and our new boxer is crazy, high energy, very playful. Our past boxer was a bit lazy, chill, and a little playful.

    1. I am in the exact situation. My last two boxers were mellow and I could take them anywhere. The boxer I have now (I love her to bits & she is very friendly), but she is and has always been crazy. I went to months of different puppy classes, had a personal dogtrainer try to help me and was very consistent and positive in my training.

      Eventually I felt she was being pushed to hard to change. She is who she is. Like people dogs have their own personalities too. I have accepted her for who she is and we work through situations together. She is mostly less wild now as she ages, but she still has her moments. When It is just her an me, or at home, she is pretty calm and mellow. Thank goodness.

  7. My man… I think it would be physically impossible for me to agree with your training philosophy and overall opinion on dogs even more ❤ Your videos inspired me to get my own dog and even getting back to school to learn how to be a dog trainer 🫶🏻 ignore the haters and keep up the good job! We need more people like you 💕

  8. I didn’t want a Chihuahua, but the stray we found doesn’t bark (more than necessary), doesn’t bite, likes everyone in the family and is happy to meet new people. He’s not hard to train or “stubborn” either, he’s the first dog I’ve ever had, I barely know what I’m doing and he knows a bunch of commands already. Really made me rethink some of those breed stereotypes.

  9. Coming back from a walk where we met a 9 year old lab more excited than my 6 month old puppy. And we know a 1 year old lab who is calm as calm can be. Gentlest, most relaxed creature.

  10. Are there specific temperament tests you recommend? I want to get a rescue for my next dog so I won’t have a choice of breed but still want to get the right dog for me.

  11. I completely agree and I’ve always believed that. Is it possible you could make a video on picking shelter a shelter dog? Like what you should look for if you have kids or things to avoid if you have kids or what ever a persons life style is. How do you find a shelter dog that fits your lifestyle with something more than trial and error.

  12. Hey Zak, what kind of tests would you recommend doing with a border collie puppy to get a good indication if it will be athletic/energetic/likely to be interested in frisbee etc?

    Just play around a toy and see the level of engagement? Thanks.

  13. My shih tzu is independent and doesn’t like cuddles or lap time. We have a belly scratch + pet session 1-2 times a day and that’s it – that’s all she needs or likes. I love her immensely bc my expectation was to love her as she is, not as I thought or wanted her to be. Great vid!

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