5 Reasons Your Leash Walking Training Isn’t Working – Professional Dog Training Tips

In this video, you will learn why your leash walking training isn't working. In our training facility, we have helped more than 90,000 dogs to be well-behaved family members, and one of the most common complaints we hear from students is that they need help to teach their dog to stop pulling on walks. Today, you're going to hear about the 5 most common mistakes that people make when they're doing their leash walking training with their dog. If you can fix these little mistakes then you'll quickly get a handle (pun intended;) on your leash walking!

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41 Comments on “5 Reasons Your Leash Walking Training Isn’t Working – Professional Dog Training Tips”

    1. @Williams Sorto You make them at home. They have a recipe video but I believe it’s just a can of tuna (including liquid), 1 egg, 1 cup of flour, and 1/4 cup of shredded cheese (stinkier the better, sharp cheddar works well). I think those amounts are correct…but honestly the amounts really aren’t all that important. I’ve made all sorts of variations. Anyway Mix, spread on parchment lined cookie sheet about 1/4-1/2 inch thick, bake till “done”. He cooks them forever at a low temp but I usually go high temp for minimal time and it works just as well. I usually break the giant sheet of treat up into sandwich bag sized sheets to store in a baggie in the freezer. Then grab a 1/2 sheet and throw it in a new baggy and into my purse to use for whatever training. They’re great because the consistency of the treat is such that it allows you to break off as tiny or as large a piece as you need. In the video he breaks it all up into small pieces while they’re cooking but I actually like my method better on that issue.

  1. ive been using the treats but now the puppy just walks under my feet staring at me waiting for treats. I cant even say good girl without her immediately looking at my pocket !!

    1. Hi there, Matthew! That will happen if you reward directly from your pocket or bait pouch too often! Here’s a video that will show you some good techniques to teach your dog to look at your face when you’re rewarding: How To Teach Your Dog To Look At You – https://youtu.be/SoaaNzhYOog

      Happy Training! ~Ken

  2. I love watching the footwork demonstrated by the lady training the Pappillon in your video. It’s something that took me a long time to learn in order to help my former dogs get higher scores at obedience trials. I have a new dog these days — a little rescue who is coming along nicely. All my other fur babies have passed on. It’s been a number of years since I’ve shown a dog in obedience and my footwork definitely needs improvement. 🙄

  3. My dog won’t even move once I put the leash on. Been trying for over a month and she stubbornly refuses to walk, even with treats and encouragement.

  4. Other dogs are a big problem for mine. She reacts very aggressively to many of them (usually it’s her first reaction, when she gets to know some of them she just wants to play) and it’s a big challenge to teach her to focus on me and try to ignore them (or just keep leach respect when observing them).
    She’s german shepherd mix so people get really scared of her which doesn’t make it easier for me oof.

    1. My dog is a pit bull… and a small one at that (52 lbs), and people get scared. He leash pulls and his default reaction is to play, not fight… he wants to play with every other dog and even my cat.

  5. My dogs pulls the ENTIRE walk as if something is chasing her . I feel bad cause she’s a big girl and i want to take her on nice long walk it’s just so painful and It’s so hard to get her to concentrate on me she’s distracted by something as small and a plastic bag rolling in the wind . I’m trying everything . A professional is my next step …..

  6. you look like you have dogs that already know what you are wanting and they are already trained, i would love to see what happens when the dog is first learning, that would be more helpful to a new dog owner no?

    1. @Just A Girl And Her Dogs Homestead We are getting our rescue Saturday and the foundation makes it mandatory to double leech them. One of the collar and one on a special anti-escape harnast that you attack to a belt around your middle. I live in an apartment with an elevator and my plan is to first just go outside into the parking lot every two hours with a loooot of treats. Low distractions and making being outside and peeing a reward the first weeks. The more secure he gets, then I’ll start the training. For the first while, he’s just gonna be secured around my waist!

    2. I agree, it’s not really fair that they are using TRAINED dogs as examples. Still helpful though but I’m sure they would have to modify their tactics for an untrained puppy.

    3. @Douce Douce least with a puppy its more or less starting with a fresh young pup, typically eagar to learn. if its a rescue its probably had little time in a rough environment. I work with mine every day. I got a halti leash that goes over his nose then high up on the neck behind the ears. It was a major help!!! It slowed him down from pulling like right away and then i was able to use leash pressure and treat/verbal reward along with directional changes. And now im integrating not using it and just a slip lead etc as hes got the foundation there now. But if i know were going out and itll be a higher stress situation like time of day with more ppl walking or vehicles like after school the halti goes on and again treats and redirection. Its worked wonders! I know it doesnt work for alll dogs as it never worked for my other dog when i was training her years ago, but for her a no pull harness worked like magic after 2 walks she was good to go on a walk without taking my arm off haha

  7. my dog is so uninterested of everything she doesn’t move at all when she has a leash on she’s also gonna be a very big dog i want to socialize her to things but she doesn’t even move

  8. Could you guys do a video on how to get your dog to move on the leash? when we go outside she’s completely fine in front of our house but once we get to the neighbor’s house her tail goes under and she refuses to move forward and will sprint back home any chance she gets. 🙁

  9. When I have treats my dog doesn’t wait for them, he goes after my pocket. He’s much stronger than I and has sudden bursts of energy where he jumps and starts nipping. He’s a very strong chocolate Lab. Yes, the dogs in these videos are far more chill

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