A Lesson She’ll Never Forget. What I Did When My Dog Almost Didn’t Come When Called!

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In this informative and engaging video, learn from an evidence-based, positive dog trainer as we explore the most effective techniques to train your dog to come when called, even in the most challenging situations. Discover the magic answer to successful dog training, using only positive reinforcement methods that are kind, humane, and proven to work.

Join us as we practice real-world dog training, working with distractions such as wild animals, busy streets, and public spaces to ensure your dog remains responsive and obedient even in the craziest environments. Our approach emphasizes building a strong bond between you and your canine companion, fostering trust, and promoting clear communication.

In addition to recall training, we also dive into the exciting world of frisbee disc dog training. Learn how to teach your dog the popular trick of catching multiple frisbees, a classic move in both freestyle and competition settings. This fun and interactive activity not only helps improve your dog's physical fitness but also strengthens your connection and teamwork.

Key topics and phrases covered in this video include:

* Positive reinforcement dog training techniques
* Evidence-based training methods
* Reliable recall training
* Overcoming distractions
* Real-world training scenarios
* Frisbee disc dog training
* Teaching the "multiples" trick
* Freestyle and competition tips
* Strengthening the bond between owner and dog
* Encouraging trust and communication
* Building confidence in your dog
* Promoting mental and physical stimulation

By following the expert advice provided in this video, you'll be well on your way to having a well-trained and happy dog that thrives in any environment. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more evidence-based, positive dog training tips and tricks. Happy training!

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0:00 intro
1:29 frisbee trick training session! How to teach multiples!
4:10 Judging Bree while she works on come and stay training
6:11 encountering a cat on a busy road!
7:04 How we exercise our energetic dogs
7:29 The closest thing to a magic answer in dog training
9:18 how to heel on both sides and why it's useful
10:21 What even is this?? Mysterious Wild Animal Encounter
12:01 The moment my brain melted. It all makes sense now
13:12 my dog almost didn’t come when called
13:38 What I do when my dog thinks about not coming to me!
14:28 Tell me what you want to see next!!

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28 Comments on “A Lesson She’ll Never Forget. What I Did When My Dog Almost Didn’t Come When Called!”

  1. I love your channel. I would absolutely love videos on teaching “heel.” My brother trained without use of shock collars, etc. and his pups would absolutely come on command even when walking in the woods, checking out the critters and smells. I’m sure your methods are similar to his. Thanks for sharing your content.

  2. Would love some feedback on this video! Please tell me your favorite scene/topic in this video. Was there any part of the video that you did not like?

    1. I love watching the dogs being dogs. Training-wise, proofing recall when the dog is in motion would be great. I practiced some today with my dog (recalling from a frisbee roller), but after two repetitions he anticipated my cue 😆

  3. I like the Videos where you train or help people train other dogs more.
    I can’t stress enough how much your videos helped me in the past, and how your lessons helped to develop a good bond between me and my dogs.
    But this kind of Videos, where you train two good dogs, just don’t have so much value or entertainment for me. I loved the story’s of the development of dogs (with problems). And the part of the story where they got a real chance for a better future. I find value in the problem solving for a distinctive goal, not “just” daily routine. Like what people need help with or how to get the dog in shape for adoption.
    I wish you best of luck!

    1. Very helpful! One of the things I wanted to improve on my channel are long term training videos. How effective training can be long-term as well as more advanced topics. But I agree that a balance of everything is needed. But videos like this are definitely needed for a strong segment of my audience as well. Really helpful feedback again! Thanks!

  4. I would love a video on heeling! I’m training my brother’s golden retriever pup, and she is a handful 😅 also, do you think you’ll ever do a video on digging? I don’t see how you can let Inertia dig in the sand at the beach without worrying if she’ll think it’s okay to dig up the yard at home.

  5. Also, I’d love to see an overview of the heel command!
    Quick question on another habit… How can I teach a puppy to stop counter surfing? I don’t want her pulling mom’s stuff off a counter

  6. Trixi gets really excited when she meets a cat but she listens to my commands I’m an animal person so if we can get close to the cat I sometimes try to talk to the cat but I tell her to not chase the cat so if the cat runs she knows not to chase it. I get her to do a sit and stay and she’s doing really well with her sit and stay, or maybe even a down and stay
    Also, she’s got two cat friends outside the house because of the way I had her meet these two cats very friendly and very well taken care of cats and she’s much better than my cat is around cats 🐈

  7. Veronica is such a smart little girl. Inertia has blossomed into a beautiful adult. 😊

    I’m getting my Assistance Dog soon, and I’ve absolutely gone down the rabbit hole with behaviour and training books, videos, podcasts etc (if I get interested in something, I absolutely geek out, I can’t help it! 😂) .

    I’m so looking forward to having all this fun with my dog. 😊

  8. Would love to see a more in depth video on strengthening come with distractions (cause my golden sniffs everything and forgets I exist) and definitely heel. Thanks Zak. Your guidance is a huge help!

  9. What would you have done if Inertia had actually decided to go over to Bree instead of coming back? I’m curious because usually the answer would be to use an ecollar or something but I’m not sure what the tool-free approach would be.

  10. Thanks for the great video Zak! It’s been very inspiring:) would love to learn how to drop it (especially leaves or things that he is not supposed to eat). We’ve been working on dropping the toy and it’s been great but when it comes to leaves or sticks, he wouldn’t let go.

  11. That’s the first time I’ve seen a self-cleaning dog 😆

    Great video. It’s helpful to see how you keep training from getting too intense by bringing in play and easier tasks. A heel training lesson would definitely be helpful

  12. I travel a lot with my dog. I often says that he goes to visit more places than a lot of citizen ahaha. We are always on an adventure, in the forest, moutains, desert, water ….seeing many animals, people and environments. He is always stable and arely trigger by anything. He is not nervous,: just balanced in his way of being himself.
    Even in the city, i found ways of creating small adventures everyday ( jumping bench park, going on frozen potholes and break the ice on it, climbing on cutted tree, weaving between garbage and recycle bins, climbing stairs and exploring new parks us, taking the subway, going to a shopping centers where animals are allowed, doggie café places , visiting new petstores etc… )

    I like to have him experiement different situations so he doesnt get weird when we encounter somethign new. We also often go watch a big variety of animals at a local city nature park which has lamas, goats, peacocks, horses, chicken, gooses and many others.
    I let him watch them, he sniffes and looks, waggles his tail, examinating the other living things, looking happy and content. Often, people around are noticing his behavior saying : ”oh wow, you dog is very calm and well mannered ”.
    When it is happening, I am always smiling and feeling VERY proud 🙂
    It is truly, the best compliment i can get.

    In the city we see a lot of cats and squirrels. Since I have dog breed that like to chase, when he was very little, i took the initiative to have him sit when we were seing those little animals. I dont mind if he wants to watch, it normally takes 2 minutes and we keep going. But seeing him just wacthing some small fast animals around him while he is wacthing them is honeslty very impressive. Great impulse control and make the walks sooooo much relaxed than having to stress everytime i see something coming up from afar. He is heeling, walking like if he is on top of the world ahaha

    Your videos are great, I love wacthing the evolution of both of your dogs.
    I love the travel tranning !!! Those background views man…. holly guacamole, its delighful !
    I also like when you do those long term trainnin videos with sheltered or problematic dogs, the transformations are notable!

    You are doing amazing Zak!
    Brie, you are fantastic girl !
    I love your content as it is and i am interested when you are uploading.
    I always get something from your explainations and exemples.
    To be honest, i truly love seeing people loving life with their animal; sharing that bond, that trust.
    It is fascinating to me.

    I love being with my K9 so much.
    Having fun and discovering new places and being outside !
    I do think that life is better with a dog 🙂

    Keep up your super work guys 🙂

  13. Very helpful comment about rolling a frisbee for Veronica vs trying to force her to catch it. Small observations like that are so helpful.

  14. Here in Australia if you live anywhere near bushlands (even in close by suburbs/cities) you and your dog will eventually encounter a KANGAROO! A pretty unique training opportunity 🙂

  15. What a great video! I loved seeing Veronica think her way through multiples and seeing Inertia’s attention a bit divided between you and Bree during fetch. It helps to know that other dogs are like that sometimes and shows me how to work on it with my own dog. I would absolutely love the heel training video that you mentioned. My pup and I still have some work to do there. A quick question that has nothing to do with this particular video: How often do you brush Veronica and Inertia’s teeth? Their teeth are so beautiful and I want to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my dog. Thanks as always to you, Bree, Inertia, and V! 💜

  16. I forgot to mention in my other comment the strangest/most unexpected thing my dog and I came upon. We live near several universities and I like taking him for walks at them because there are lots of different surfaces for him to walk on, ramps and stairs, different buildings, etc. I knew we were approaching the pond but it was winter time so I wasn’t expecting much. It looked like the scene you filmed with either Moira or George where there were just dozens and dozens of birds…on the land next to the pond, in the water, and in the air! I had my dog on leash and we hung back and just watched. I had my hand on his traffic handle just in case but he surprised me by watching them and then giving me his attention when I asked for it and walking away when I said it was time to leave. I don’t know how much in that moment was training and how much was luck but I’m going to call it a win regardless! 😊

  17. I just got a new puppy! So I’ll be looking at those early Inertia videos again.

    As for the next one, yes, please, a video on how to train heel, how to train the switch, and any reminders on leash training. Thank you to the entire team

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