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  1. i’m not saying this will work for everyone, but i completely potty trained my gsd in one month. we got her at 8wks and she was trained completely by 12wks. we were just super consistent. my whole life revolved around potty training. but once she got it, she was set. she just turned 2 and hasn’t had a accident since 12wks

  2. at that age, puppies should have 16 or more hours of sleep. they need more sleep than most of us think. for the time between those puppy naps, it’s worth building up a positive family relationship. potty training belongs to that. my girl, blanche, was trained in a few weeks, but she has had (rare) accidents up until she reached 6 months.

  3. I’m trying to think how a dog trainer, who punish their dogs, have their puppies not pee in the house

    But the reality is
    Punishment will never teach them to pee outside

    I have a puppy (well he’s a year old now)
    But he learn quick
    The problem that happened with me, was him getting sick or I didn’t wake up and taken him out

    But he knew he was supposed to go outside, so he pooped right by the door

    So he knew, but couldn’t hold it

    Now he can hold it (from what I know of) up to 7 hours (that’s from sleeping through the night, but he used to go alot sooner)

    It just takes time and patience

    Don’t punish your dog for poop on the floor, when it happened an hour ago

    They don’t understand

    Plus most of the time, when your dog does something wrong, it’s your fault
    You didn’t take them out often enough
    Or praise them for EVERY TIME they go

    This go for cats too
    If a cat bites you randomly
    Punishing a cat won’t teach it to not bite you
    It’s mostly your fault
    You pet it too much, or didn’t look at body language (sometimes time of day sets them off)
    Or you pet in a painful spot or a spot they don’t like pets in (like the belly)

    More times than not, it’s your fault for the mistakes your pets do
    But if you figure out what to do
    Then you both can be happy, no fear, just trust and companionship

  4. Puppies are a lot of work. Period. Not just with house training, they’re a lot of work with just about everything. They take a lot of time. Period. If you don’t want to (or can’t because of work schedule), put that amount of time and work into a puppy, adopt an adult and don’t get a puppy.

    1. Yes. Loved having a puppy but my boy’s 80% as cute as an adult and that 20%, he makes up for in being potty-trained and not biting me with needle teeth

  5. I have a shih Tzu puppy that is twelve weeks old and I have been watching all of your videos. Most everything has worked and I have had a surgery during his 8-10th week so it slowed us down with training. But he is crate trained so it is amazing to see he is desiring to go outside and I can tell when he wants to go based on when your video teaching so thank you! I have learned you are correct and you do have to know your puppy. Working on commands of stay and come now, he is so playful, he has mastered sit and almost has stay down with me in close quarters. He allowed me to take six steps away today and stayed. Yay

  6. We got our border doodle at 8 weeks. Got an egg timer and set it for 30 minutes initially. Took him out every time it went off. Then gradually extended the time each week. Worked great.

  7. I have a very small Yorkie puppy and I take her out during the day every hour if she is awake and right after napping, very small bladder

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