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What do you think about personhood for dogs?

Hey, it's Zak George, dog trainer, YouTube and TV host, author, and animal advocate. In this video, I share my perspective on why dogs should be recognized as legal persons, backed by scientific research and my extensive experience working with these amazing animals. As sentient beings, dogs have complex social behavior and high levels of emotional intelligence, and I believe they deserve to be granted legal personhood. By doing so, we can ensure they receive the protection and rights they need to live happy, healthy lives. If you're interested in animal rights and the fascinating world of canine cognition, you won't want to miss this video! It's an important conversation that deserves more attention, and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. So, give it a watch, and please share it with your friends and followers. Let's raise awareness about dogs and their unique place in our world!

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  1. You are right. I used to have a dog who “told lies”. At the time I had 2 intact male dogs. Trixie would run outside and pretend to urinate and of course the males went out to look for where she did it to cover it. Then she would quickly run indoors and eat their dinners.
    And some people argue that dogs don’t have self awareness!

  2. After googling the definition of personhood, I 100% agree.
    We always say that dog’s have the brain of a 3 year old kid, and a 3year old kid can easily differentiate between what is morally good and bad, but still choose bad bc that’s what they want.

    My dog is 8 years old, and even tho there is NO reason for him not to come when I call for him, he just chooses not to, and he knows that im unhappy with that, but he just doesn’t see any good reason on why he should come to me.

    But also as you say; “dogs are NOT children and they’re NOT people” but the avarage dog owner can have a hard time differentiating between Personhood and personification, that’s why as a trainer we don’t really mention it and just call it “instincts” or “their nature”.

    But it is an interesting topic indeed

  3. I agree 100%. Dogs have personhood and they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Frankly, I find it much easier to treat dogs with kindness and respect than I do people.

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