11 Comments on “Dog is too busy sniffing to listen ”

  1. Hi Zak! My Shepherd mix rescue has been peeing in his outside water bowl. Do you have any idea why he would do this? I think he’s doing it to claim it from our other dog who’s a lot bigger than him and a shepherd/lab mix and will sit and drink the water for like 5 minutes, but my family disagree with me. If you have any idea why he’s doing that and/or how to prevent it, please reply! It’s a big problem!

  2. Thanks Zak, I have a 1 year old Springer Spaniel with the very same behaviour. It feels like we are constantly working on recall training!

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  4. Got that problem to with my 7 months old Aussie doodle.
    She only wants to snif everything, no interest in playing or training.
    And then we come back home and then she wants to play.
    But that doesn’t really work in the house.
    To small and slippery tile floor.
    And she has lots of energy being half Australian shepherd.
    Not very handy.

  5. Also add a sniffing activity like nosework or tracking or retrieve hidden objects will give them a task to perform by using thete nose.

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