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22 Comments on “How I Train ANY Dog to RESIST EVERY DISTRACTION!”

  1. The “polar bear” was just too much…LOL! But, seriously, little Veronica is doing so well, and Inertia is such a good girl! I love that you’re doing this series. I’m really enjoying it. Thank you for sharing this with us! God bless and hugs to both of you, and the fur babies. Praying for continued safe travels!😊❤

  2. People actually argue that keeping your dog healthy and in good physical condition is a bad thing? How could that ever be a bad thing? Can’t wait to see the next video. I learn a lot from your videos when things go well, but I learn the most when things don’t go so well. So it’s better for me when things don’t go well for you in your training? I’m so glad you show training in “reality” and use a dog that doesn’t already know how to do the behavior you’re teaching. This allows people to see there are steps along the way and that you can’t necessarily skip those steps and shows people that training doesn’t always go as smoothly as some folks on You Tube make it look. It’s discouraging when people try to train and they’re expecting things to go that smoothly when they don’t, they think they’re doing it wrong or that their dog is just “dumb”. It’s unlikely that either is the correct interpretation. So it’s really helpful to see that it isn’t always smooth sailing with no “turbulence” along the way.

  3. It was really helpful to see Inertia demonstrate the target behavior before you showed how to work through it with a puppy. Sometimes with a puppy it’s hard to envision what it can or should look like, especially when it can take so much practice and time to get it there. Veronica did amazing resisting the “wolverine” 🙂

  4. When I got my blue heeler 8 months ago, everyone warned me that I was creating an insatiable athlete by playing with him everyday, multiple times a day. Him being my first dog, I wondered if there was any truth to this (and even becam a bit nervous), but when I really thought about it, I realized that after our morning play sessions he was just a more calm and receptive puppy.

    Now he’s 10 months old and goes after every ball as if it were the last one on earth, but when we get home, he is ready to relax.

    Don’t get me wrong, he is still a ball of energy, even after our play sessions. After a small break, he can play again and again and even go on a long walk, but if I don’t get him worked up, he is happy to save his energy for our next activity while lying down on his mat.

    Your channel has been an invaluable source of information and it is a huge reason my puppy isn’t a feral beast. Thank you!

  5. I just want to say thank you so much for all of your training and informative dog videos. They have helped my frenchie learn a ton to the point where people think I’m a professional dog trainer haha! Of course I’m no where near that but seriously thank you so much for your videos

  6. On the fitness issue, I’ve had 4 border collies. my current one is 8 months and I’ve been more active with her and exercising her more than any of the others but I find her much harder to settle and calm down/rest when she’s inside. She’s always on the go and doesn’t seem to want to rest until she’s back in her playpen. I have wondered if this is because she’s getting much more exercise than the dogs before her so instead of calming her down it’s increasing her stamina and making her energy inexhaustible. Would love to know if anyone has thoughts on this.

    1. I have 10 mth borador I notice that if I exercise her a lot she gets over excited and won’t settle.two gentle walks one day.and one long walk next.I avoid people and other dogs more often.I try to introduce stimulants gradually.I have an elderly patterdale and walk them together and’s trial and error depending on personality.she high energy and play helps too.

    2. @Judith Trigg love it. Thank you for sharing. I have found that my older border collies learnt (to a reasonable extent of course) how to adjust to my/my family’s lifestyles so maybe I should try to meet her in the middle and find a pace which works for both of us. But I too have experienced my 8 month one getting more and more wound up then more she plays.

      I have a 9 year old border collie too and the 8 month old is harassing her non stop. Have to separate them. Do you have the same issue with yours?

  7. Yay, another video! I loved pupbox for my girl! Thanks for all the tips. Frisbee fun and fetch make my girl so happy – on top of the other benefits you mentioned.

  8. If I was still raising puppies I would give my new pup parents a years sub to those pup boxes. Maltese are quick and easy to train if you start as soon as you bring them home. But these boxes seem like a great treat for the pup & pup parents

  9. When I started training my Border collie I gave her an hour a day( she was between 6-7months of age) but as she got older I had to do more and more and more it got to a point where we will do an hour of fetch and an hour of cycling and another hour of training throughout the day. It was not getting easier she became more destructive and easily stimulated. She was off the rails. Then the pandemic hit and we were located in our house for weeks. She slowly started to calm down and because less destructive. But her reactive behaviour remained. She is getting less reactive and becoming more reliable. But over exercising is a thing I believe giving a dog 1hour of physical and mental stimulation combine is the best especially if you do it in 10min bits.

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