It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks

What can you train a dog in two weeks? I’ll show you the most important things that I focused on during my time with Moira the German Shepherd. Thank you Bark! for sponsoring this episode! Get a free BarkBox, Super Chewer Box or both when you sign up for a subscription: or

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29 Comments on “It’s OVER. EVERY SINGLE THING I Trained This Dog in 2 Weeks”

  1. I am very happy that Moira has her family from now on! Now my heart calmed down when I saw Moira’s new mother, I have maximum confidence that they will understand each other perfectly and will love each other indefinitely! Goodbye, Moira! You are beautiful, gorgeous, smart dog! I will miss you so much! Thanks, Zack, you did a great job!❤️❤️❤️

  2. Aw, I ‘m sad. I wanted you to decide to adopt Moira. Maybe we can have follow-ups down the line. Good luck, puppy and Arina! (Sorry for mangling the spelling.)

  3. Thank you so very much for showing detailed training of an untrained dog. It’s infinitely more helpful than watching a trainer demonstrating with a trained dog. This was a huge commitment on your part and it’s of great value to us all.

  4. This series came along right as I realized my own rescue dog was waaaay to reactive on a leash. Seeing you work with a dog that had the same issue was so valuable. Now, by the end, my little Zia is by no means perfect, but I can take her for a pretty peaceful walk in my busy neighborhood.

  5. I AM IN TEARS!!!!! We’ll miss you Moira!!!
    She helped me relate to my recently adopted shepherd mix and I’ve learned SO MUCH from this series! And so has my new member of the family

  6. This is an amazing series! Thanks Zak!
    I found it at the same time as we adopted a 1 year old Border Collie rescue (had her for 12 days now). A totally different challenge though, she is such a sensitive, easily spooked dog, very scared and timid. We have a hard time getting her to trust us. Scared of taking food from us, so treat/lure training is very difficult. She didn’t want to play with us. She would play with a ball all on her own in the yard, but the moment we appeared she would stop and if we tried with all the soft, gentle energy and love we got to get her re-engaged, she would just sit and avoid looking at us. Also crazy scared of a harness and lead, runs away and hide if it appears. Sheez, I could go on with so much more stuff like that. Point being, through this series with Moira I learned to keep heart, be consistent and gently keep working on her issues in the smallest steps imaginable. My heart sang when she chased a ball I threw for the first time mere days ago. Didn’t pick it up or anything, but she could let go of all the crazy restraint she’s had around us. The first time she came closer spontaneously for a cuddle, my goodness, I cried happy tears. Everyday she trusts us a tiny bit more. I can’t wait to see her personality blossom as she builds confidence. I would love to see a series from you where you help a dog to emerge from their shell and become a happy, secure, confident pup.

  7. I’m really bummed this series is at an end. It has been so helpful and been so “truthful” and “honest” on what it’s really like to take in a rescue dog and train one that truly isn’t already trained. To see the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll really miss this. I hope you’ll start another one soon. Would love to see you tackle a fearful dog or an itty-bitty dog.

  8. You should definitely keep up with GSD’S!! They are harder to train, but they demonstrate a lot of common behaviors. Training adult dogs with aggression and reactivity would be great!

  9. I’m so glad to see Moira’s new mom is willing to continue to work with Moira and that she wasn’t “put off” the first time Moira jumped up on her. I wish Arina and Moira a long, happy life together!

  10. Can you guys do a check in with Moira after some time and see how she is doing. At this point we are far too much invested in her story to let her go so soon 😁

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