I’ve Had My Puppy 6 Days and She’s NOT TRAINED! (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 5)

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65 Comments on “I’ve Had My Puppy 6 Days and She’s NOT TRAINED! (NEW SERIES: The Dog Training Experience Episode 5)”

  1. I can argue with anyone who doesnt think this the best dog training channel. The facts are by his side, the response is by his side, and the cute doggos are by his side.

    1. I’m reading books written by people with doctorates in animal behavior, as well as any vet journals I can find. The science backs these methods. I really don’t watch or read any training information with the words “domination” or “pack leader” in them. The science just doesn’t back those outdated ideas up. My last puppy was 15 years ago when Cesar Millan was everywhere. My understanding is those methods set dog training back 30 years 😣

    2. Weenie Hut Jr. rather take the time to read comments and replies so that you don’t make a fool of yourself on the internet. They clearly said to give *firm and fair* corrections. And they *clearly* said to not to be abusive or emotional.

  2. I love watching this to curb my puppy fever lol. i love inertia but it’s a good reminder that i’m happy with my full grown, house trained dogs for now lol

    1. Nicholas Chill I completely understand!! we got ours when they were only two months old, so i’m very familiar with the puppy phase lol. it’s both so wonderful and so awful lol

  3. I’m so happy that you made a new episode I’m so happy.
    My puppy is only 8 weeks old and she has already learned sit,stay,look at me,up and many more.
    I am only 12 years old and i look up to you.
    All i can say is thanks.
    I am always active and i love you.
    Thank you again!

    1. Rosie Briar same here!! I plan to use Zak’s videos to help train my 6 year old American bulldog to stop pulling on his leash and to stop barking when he hears the doorbell 😊 I’m also getting a Pomeranian puppy in the new year so these Inertia videos have been very helpful too!

  4. OMG. I have to say it’s such a relief to see Inertia pooping on your carpet! That sounds terrible, I’m sure, but it’s nice to know it happens to the experts too. Thank you for showing that. I’m serious! And the biting — my GOD — the biting! My husband and I have little red scabs all over our forearms!

    1. Our Lhasa Apso pup caught on really quick about toilet training in a matter of days. Even though we made so many mistakes. It feels almost like she’s training us sometimes! She still bites everything in sight though.

  5. I literally got a border collie/golden retriever mix that’s 9 weeks old, the same day this series came out! How amazing, I can’t wait for the next video!!😊

  6. Hey guys! I’m noticing a lot of questions that were answered in previous episodes of this series. Please go back and watch from the beginning if you have basic questions👍😀😆. Also, follow on instagram where I provide a lot of additional content with Inertia!👀😃👀🎉🚀 http://instagram.com/zakgeorge

  7. OMG the moment when Inertia tries to figure out the helicopter sounds, my 5mo old goldendoodle Hallie STILL cannot figure out airplanes and helicopter sounds! She gets anxious every time and is trying so hard to figure out where it is coming from, but she never thinks to look up!

  8. I live in a country with very bad habits for training dogs. And i’ve been watching you for over 9 years! My golden retriever is an angel thanks to you and your videos. Everytime when someone asks how i got my dog so obedient, they think it’s because she is smart and it was easy for me to train her cause she’s smart. I say: no its not just because she is smart, its because ive worked with her from day 1 thanks to your videos and tips. I hate when people just assume i’ve hit the lottery with my dog and that she was easy, not realising that a new puppy is not just a play buddy but a commitment and a lot of work to get a great buddy. Thank you for these videos for someone like me – that loves working with their dog, always in a good way – they are god sent. I wanted to get your book as well but i can’t really get it in my country, but ill keep trying to find a way to get it.
    P.s. I always give your channel to people that have a new puppy/dog and they are overwhelmed by being 1 time owners. You are my favourite dog trainer.

  9. Because of you my 1year old Shih Tzu can now sit and lay. I was so happy because I learned that he is capable of learning a lot of things. He ate all the treats in the end, and still confusing the word sit and lay. But in the end, we made amazing progress.
    He’s sleeping on my lap as I type this.
    Thank you ❤️

  10. When he was running with Inertia trying to get her outside while she was pooping and was saying “Oh no it’s coming out!” I spit my lemonade all over my phone 😂

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