Kane Part 3 | Tips For A Structured Walk

In this session, Natalie covers some of the basics and philosophy behind the 'structured walk'.

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25 Comments on “Kane Part 3 | Tips For A Structured Walk”

  1. Excellent tips, this dog is doing so extremely well. I can only imagine how happy the client is. I’ll use these tips on my lab, as she is always wanting to pull/go sideways/smell everything. Thanks

  2. I find this exercise is all about the handler’s attitude and leash sensitivity. There’s so much subtlety going on besides the obvious pops to correct that it takes people lots of practice to get right.

    1. Try voice reward when she is sitting next to you or just when you stop. Walk walk walk.. then “stop” or automatic sit when you stop,then with calm voice good girl and then go on again 🙂 Make short good walking sessions, make her succesfull, slowly introduce voice reward during a walk 🙂

    2. You are problably getting her back into an excited state happened with my rat terrier. Try making the tone of your voice “boring” no emotion stay calm with your corrections as well with “reward”

  3. This video has helped me with my German Shepard/Red Heeler 4 month old. Since I have a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, I have forgotten so much. This video has filled in a long of gaps in my dog training knowledge. I’m feeling confident with her training and progress. She loves to work and just wants to be near me. Now that she has set boundaries it’s easier on everyone in the house. Our two toddlers love training the puppy now.

  4. Great video, today I made a lot of progress with my Siberian husky. But the question that I have always had is…when do you let de dog sniff, pee, and enjoy the walk as a dog in a way that you as a human also enjoy walking with them. The walk is for both, dog and human.

  5. goooood job natilie,not only are you polite,curtious,and wording your language in a intelligent manner,to me your not only a dog trainer ,you are also a kind and attractive and person trainer ,well educated you are ,thank you

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