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    1. I strongly disagree. Training never stops. If you’re actually interested in accomplishing more than the basics, you’ll never stop training. If all you want are the basics, you can get those in a local class.

  1. It always is about the relationship. Dogs, like humans, are social creatures and you need to have mutual trust and respect. Doesn’t come by itself. But once it’s established your dog will do everything to make you happy as much as you will do everything to keep your dog happy and healthy. It’s mutual!

    1. @Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution It is. It’s like a family. You’re *NOT* the Alpha – there is no suc thing – but you’re the responsible parent. You set rhe rules, but you love and respect your other family members. Worked for all my dogs. Never failed.

  2. I just got a rescue pup, 9 months old. We’ve had him a little over a week now and it’s my first dog! This really is like my 3rd child tho! I completely under estimated the dedication it really takes to have a dog like I knew what it entailed but now that I’m in it, wow it’s a lot! And I’m only 1 week in😅
    2 years seems like a LIFETIME especially with already having 2 small kiddos but I can’t wait to feel how rewarding it’ll be to get there😌
    Thanks for all your videos! You’ve truly helped us prepare for our newest family member❤

    1. Go to the dog daddy get him trained asap and you won’t need two years as it’s a long time and to much time for your puppy to learn worse habits!

  3. Interesting video. I definitely need to be more patient when it comes to training results lol. I’ve been training my dog for about 20 minutes everyday with 4 different things and it’s taking time. He’s learning little by little, but you definitely need patience for this lol. He’s also a pretty smart dog. Good video!

  4. I think people not only have unrealistic expectations about how long it takes to train a dog, but also what they can accomplish with their dog. They have dog that is genetically shy or fearful and think they’re going to train them to be a bold, social butterfly, or a dog that hates other dogs and they think they’re going to take them to the dog park and have the dog love going. Not going to happen. So be realistic in all areas.

    1. As an introverted human, it frustrates me that we so often expect our dogs to just “be social” when that’s not their personality. My dog IS expected to be polite to strangers, but he has my full support if he says “no thanks” when they ask to meet him.

    2. @Cyborg Agree completely. I expect my dogs to be polite to strange people and other dogs (no barking, lunging, etc.) but if they select not to engage with that person (or dog), that should be their choice (and we should honor their choice).

  5. Why you hate the dog daddy he’s not being hard on them they need to know who’s boss that’s the problem with bad dogs they rule there owners and stuff arsing around with your slow techniques is actually doing more harm than good and never getting to the point! Seriously please I’m 💯 dog daddy supporter you no! Take his offer off $50k see who gets the furthest it’s something I’d pay to watch cause you will look very silly!

  6. I remember having a meltdown when we first got our puppy because she couldn’t do anything after a week of being with us 😅 there were other factors at play, but a lot of the expectations came from watching puppy training vids where the dogs acted so well & got the commands straight away – which our doggo was not doing. It was a game changer when it eventually dawned on me that these dogs had probably been trained in advance for the vid. That’s why I love your vids so much. You’re not afraid to show the trial & errors that come with training or the process of learning to understand the dogs you’re working with. Defs was able to get some more realistic expectations & have learnt so much over the 2.5yrs we’ve had our doggo 😊

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