My Last 24 Hours with George.

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25 Comments on “My Last 24 Hours with George.”

  1. I haven’t watch it yet but I’m mentally preparing to cry.
    Edit: omg this made me so sad 😭🥺. This next series look very interesting though. I hope gorge has an amazing, long and happy life. I think it would be awesome to see an update on gorge sometime in the future like you did with Kona.

  2. Me and my mom here, who’s sitting in Norway enjoying every video of yours! We love your videos. 100% make my days❤ thank you for showing what we can do WITHOUT any force! I’ve learned alot from you Zak, thank you.

  3. The glow up is insane! You and Bree did a fantastic job with him! Letting them go really is the hardest part. Ive learned so much from this series! Thank you both for doing this! Can’t wait to see which dog you foster next!! 💖💖

  4. I had my first experience with a foster pitbull last year after our pit had passed away. He was a very crazy boy but a great snuggler. He had never been in a house before and his favorite thing was to race up and down the stairs. We had him for 3 weeks and it was definitely a bittersweet goodbye as he went to his new family. You did such a great job with George and because of the work you did it gave him a new life. Can’t wait to see your next video.

  5. Hi zak I’m here sobbing at this I really thought you would of kept George, but my goodness what a brilliant home you’ve found him hes found the best mum for him and I can’t wait for the next series if this one is anything to go by its going to be amazing keep these coming 🙂 x

  6. That was such an emotional episode. You can see just what an impact he has had on the both of you and you should be so proud of what you have done, not just for George and Alex, but in showing how amazing Pit Bull, and Pit Bull type dogs can be.
    It must have been so hard to let him go, but you have changed lives by what you have done and you should be so damn proud of yourself. Sending love x

  7. I’m so happy for George. Off the streets, out of the shelter, and now he’s off to a new loving home that you and Bree helped prepare him for and found for him. These series are so heartwarming. I am super excited for the next one! Love you guys!

  8. I cried along with you💔! Got so attached to George through these videos and can’t even imagine how hard it must be for you guys getting to love on him for all that time and having to say good-bye! However, its looks like such a great forever home for George! Hopefully they will continue to send you updates🧡 and know how blessed they are to have gotten such an amazing dog. Thank you for showing that Pitbulls can be such amazing pets when you recognize their needs and just love on them..🧡🧡

  9. The fact it was so hard to let him go proves you were the perfect foster family for him. You loved him so much and gave him so much, well done!
    I remember reading that when you foster a dog that has had a bad past or has behaviour issues and you work with them, the moment they are a happy, healthy, well adjusted family member is exactly when you know it’s time for them to move on. It must be such a difficult job but incredible. Thanks for all you did for George!

  10. Alex is my niece and George my great fur-nephew 🙂 … and I am hear to tell you that George could not be anymore LOVED and Alex is the most perfect mommy to him!! He’s thriving and doing fantastic!! He is such a good boy and so so loved <3

  11. I fell in love with George far more than any other dog you’ve trained. He reminded me so much of my dog that passed away just days before lock down. I’ll get a another pitbull one day when I’m in a better living situation again. A house without a pitbull is a very empty feeling house.

  12. I was dreading this day, but seeing how George transitioned so well to the care of this loving family made me very happy. Your training and love will stay with George forever, and I know you and Bree will treasure your memories of George always as well.💕🐶 Can’t wait for the brand new journey with another pup!

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