How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too! [Reality Dog Training EP 16]

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26 Comments on “How I’m Training This Pit Bull to be Good On Leash. And OFF Leash Too! [Reality Dog Training EP 16]”

  1. Thinking of you and praying for your safety from Ida. You are an amazing dog trainer and I love that Bree is so involved, also your cute personal dogs.

  2. I was looking for your episode on Sunday until I realized that Ida was right on top of you . I am so glad everyone in your household is safe .
    This has been my favorite episode of the series so far, don’t get me wrong they have all been great but I really have enjoyed just watching it all coming together for George. Watching him progress to what he has become and knowing that his training with you will help George become a great ambassador for the pit bull breed . I especially loved watching Inertia and George playing together and just being dogs . Thank you for sharing with all of us .

  3. Serious question — please, please reply: Is that a 10′ leash with a traffic handle? If so, what is the brand? This would suit my needs so well. Thanks!

    This has been such a wonderful series with George. I have learned so much that I can apply to my own work. Thank you!

  4. I appreciate your comment about how positive training works better than force in the long term. Gonna miss George when he goes to his new home. Don’t suppose you’d ever show the challenges of training a very small dog. Differences in temperament, certainly, and the whole having to bend over 1000 times during training.

    1. We have had Great Danes and Wolfhounds for years and I was quite used to training dogs that size. Now we have an itty-bitty (7.8 lbs) and I can attest to the bending over 1,000 plus times! But I’ve not found any real “temperament” differences (between large and small dogs, specifically–between dogs, certainly, but I’m not sure size has anything to do with it). We now have two little ones (7.8 lbs and 10.4 lbs) and they are as different as night and day. Our little 7.8 lb guy is a streamroller–open for anything, charging happily through training, self-assured and confident. Our little 10.4 pound girl is much more tentative and much less confident and it takes her longer to “catch on”. And I don’t think it’s because she isn’t as smart. Just her personality makes her hold back and she’s really unsure of what she should do and I have to take smaller steps with her and use a really high rate of reinforcement and for longer. Found that in the larger dogs too. Some just happily galloped through training, others required a much longer time and were much less confident. Again, I don’t think “intelligence” had anything to do with this. Temperament was the issue, I think. I don’t think “size” really matters here. Temperament does (in my opinion). And to some degree, you help determine temperament in how you socialize and treat a dog. Treat them like a helpless little ball of fluff that isn’t responsible for their own actions and who can’t learn anything, then that’s exactly what you can get.

  5. Brought tears to my eyes to see George in a crate! His forever home will be so lucky to have him! Thanks for taking us on his journey, Zak and Bree. Hoping you and your pups are doing well after Ida.

  6. We survived Laura and Delta last year, but we’re about an hour north of Lake Chares, we weren’t dealing with storm surge and flooding. Prayers for ya’ll and for your entire part of the state. Would love to see a quick statement about your situation.

  7. The bath cracks me up. He is SO calm. omg. My GSD is convinced water sucks the souls out of dogs unless it’s contained in their water bucket. He doesn’t do puddles or pools and baths unleash demons into the world.

  8. Thinking of you after Ida. Are you all okay? Do you have a safe place to stay? Will be so sad to see George leave you all, but I’m sure you’ve got a dynamite home lined up for him. Looking forward to the next series! Please let us know what and when it will be, although understand that you may need to take a bit of a break due to Ida.

  9. I knew that for me coming to the end of this journey with Zak and George was going to be hard and it is. There is such a sense of finality, hearing Zak say “This is probably the last time I play frisbee with George brought tears to my eyes. On the one hand, you know George is going to be fine but it feels like losing a member of the family. You know you won’t see them anymore and you are going to miss them. Just shows what a special dog George is that he can touch our hearts this way even if we have never met him in person.

  10. One of the best things I’ve ever learned from you was exercising the dog BEFORE walks! I reversed my thinking on that. I used to walk to exercise! However, he learns to behave much better when he is already a little tired. I can’t tell you how this small change has helped my puppy. He is so good now! And people comment on how well behaved he is!!!!!! Thank you!!! Bless you!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. It’s not about making them tired, but about letting them strech, warm up and getting focused.
      So don’t put them into a challenging situation right away but always give them some time to adapt and get rid of the excitement of being out in the world finally … 😉❤️

  11. Zak, I know you touched on this before, that you have a two-dog rule in your house and that was a reason for you not keeping George, but I hope that either on the last episode or on a wrap-up one that you can go into a little more detail as to why you chose not to keep George. I know ever since this series started many of us, myself included have been hoping against hope that you would change your mind and keep him but I applaud you for sticking with the decision that is going to be best for you, Indie, and Inertia, and ultimately for all the other dogs, you will help along the way. I just know as much as people have fallen for George there will be a lot of broken hearts on that last day.

    1. I can’t speak for Zak but as someone who fosters animals as well, the goal is adoption.

      We would LOVE to keep every dog but unfortunately that would not align with our goals to find them a good home and continue our mission to help other dogs find good homes as well.

      Ultimately, if we adopt them, we will not be able to continue to foster and help others.

  12. This series has touched my heart so much. I fell in love with George. He reminds me of my one year old pit/husky mix. I was holding back tears watching this video. George will be missed but I also know he will be a blessing to his new home. 💙

  13. I’m already crying and it’s not even the end of the series 😭😭😭😭 We love you George! He did such a good job walking with the leash and playing ball and just everything!

  14. There are so many methods of training a dog but I really think the method that Zak follows will stick with a dog till the end. I am getting my first puppy this sunday ❤ I hope I will be able to use your techniques.

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