Stop pulling and “Yo-yoing”- Dog Training

This video goes over the long awaited answer to "How do I stop my dog acting like a yo-yo on a walk?"

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24 Comments on “Stop pulling and “Yo-yoing”- Dog Training”

  1. This is a great tutorial. I have tried many techniques and some similar; and we are close…but this looks like a winner. We will begin practicing this tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing your great methods!

  2. for many years I did the “stop when he pulls and reward when he comes back” method. I ended up with a Lab who still went to the end of his leash, pulling, then would return to me for his reward, because in his mind it was all one behavior. He taught me a lot and sent me on my journey of understanding dog behavior. You do a great job, Emily, of showing people why dogs do what they do – thank you! I often send friends to your website to check out your videos.

  3. This is more subtle than it looks, but I will give it a try. My lab is a total yo yo. Not to mention he KNOWS if I have treats in my hand and has eyes in the back of his head to see when I am restocking from the bait bag or my pocket.

  4. Great vids! When i get a dog, im gonna watch everything youve made.

    one could probably use these tricks to train people too, dont you think?

  5. This is a very helpful video Emily. I knew that the yo-yo effect was reinforcing to Lilly (my Siberian Husky) but I couldn’t figure out why. I tried this method and she hated it – but it worked. Whenever we stopped, she whine and bark. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was telling me off in doggy language. She’s a diva like that.

  6. Excellent! I seem to be at this point with my female springer right now. I’ll try the solutions listed here. I have been using your methods solidly for about a week now, after using similar clicker training, but without some of the foundation work. It’s really helping. I still have a dog reactive dog, but we’re working on it. Thanks for all your help!

  7. AHH, I LOVE YOUR DOGS! Honestly, so darn cute. Q is a yo yo guy when he is excited to get somewhere, even with ALL of these tricks. Oh well, so was Mi but she eventually got it, so with enough perseverance he will too ; )

  8. Hi. The environment is so darn interesting. My dog is a yoyo at about 3kmh-5kmh. That’s normal walking speed for me. Time after time I stop walking, my dog trots “Around” behind to my left side. After a couple years trying to figure out just what I’m doing wrong, it was good to hear here some new things to try :). Hopefully I’ll post again soon with an update on progress . Very much appreciate your good work, and the time and effort you put into making dog’s (and owners/handlers) lives better.

  9. I walk in circles like crazy so the dog won’t pull. Also I walk zig zag across the street.
    My neighbors think I’m insane. hahahah

  10. I’ve just left my totalitarian dog training club I’d been with since getting my puppy a year ago – it was the last straw when it was totally acceptable the dog being strangled as it stood there choking shouted at and strangled by a noose –also I was so programmed to shout various commands such as ‘ leave it ‘ Stay Sit No etc I didn’t even realise I was doing it! I was totally brain washed that was the right way to train a dog – Im watching all of your videos after being recommended only a week ago and can’t believe how antiquated / cruel most dog training is – i totally get your value of not needing to punish or bully dogs – I’m now always calm and kind to my dog and she’s learnt much more in a week than a year of being with this club- Love your work !!! Don’t ever stop 🛑 am recommending you to all my friends!!!! Change to world of ill treatment of our furry friends xxx

  11. I’ve practiced this with her and she was good at home and in the backyard but today I didn’t had high value treats with me and we had my mom coming to the walk with us. First thing is my mom spoils her a lot even when she’s acting badly and second is that we took her to new a environment and my puppy was OUT OF CONTROL! she pulled, barked, tried to chase any moving creature on the street and while not having good treats with me there was no more attention for me! She is 9 months old basically at her teens, and seems like she only listens when treats are available. It’s very frustrating not to be able to control her in presence of someone who spoils her and no treats! What do you do in such situations? I mean there certainly are times that we have no treats or we’re out of treats. Hpw can I keep her calm and control her an such times?

    1. I suggest you need to control your mother lol. Dogs look adult at 9 months but they have only been in the world 9 months. Its a lot to expect a 9 month old human, or even a 2-5 year old human to behave perfectly all the time. Try to set the environment up for success. Tell your mom she has to walk next to you or behind you, not infront of you, because that is just setting the dog up to fail. You can play games where you ask your dog to go say hi to your mom many times in a row, Say “go say hi” allow the dog to say hi for a good long time until he gets bored, then call your dog, give him a treat, then tell him to say hi again. The more you do it, the more your dog will not be that interested in saying hi to your mom. (Unless she makes him excited every time- if this is the case she needs to first stand still and be boring when he says hi).

  12. So well explained. I’m often “yo-yoing” my large dog to get him back on a loose lead before moving forward again. In future I will stop and wait for longer and ensure he’s more engaged with me before moving forward again. Thank you for this training tip.

  13. I have to try this! Got a 9 month old Belgian Tervueren who is not terrible with leash-pulling, but he definitely needs some more training when it comes to loose-leash walking and yes, he’s started to develop the yo-yo behaviour,..

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