The Attention Game!

This training game – The Attention Game – teaches your puppy to WANT to move with you when you move. It also is a great game to play to motivate your puppy to want to work for treats if you have a puppy that is disinterested in treats and training. This training game is a great game to play with any puppy or dog to build your relationship. This is one of the first training games that I play with all my puppies to give them a head start on training.

The footage is from Halo's first walk with me. I first let him sniff around and explore the environment, and then we stopped and played this game for 20 seconds… then I encouraged him to go and explore the environment again, telling him "go sniff" and pointing to the ground and then followed him around keeping the leash loose. I suggest playing this game only 1 or 2 times on an outing for only a very short period of time so that the puppy doesn't loose interest.

If you have a puppy that is over-excited by food or your movement you can use lower value treats and also move in a more subdued way as not to over-excite your puppy. You can also choose moments when your puppy is calmer.

All puppies are different so it will depend on the puppies personality as to what to train first. But the Attention Game is usually the best game to start your training with any puppy. Here is a video that explains what to train first depending on your puppies personality:

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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  1. As always beautifully explained and very simple to understand. Thanks for posting another wonderful tutorial. Absolutely love your channel & all what you do. Thanks

  2. Thanks for this update. It is really, really good.
    I still play this game now when our dogs are growing old.
    They love it just the same.
    Btw You are whisteling very good!.

  3. This is a great game to play with a new rescue dog, too. I play similar games with my new girl “Honey”. I also like playing it with my 14 year old Husky mix “Isabelle”, because it is fun for her. 😊

  4. So cute, those so works on old dogs too, did it for my rescues just do it closer or in eyesight for the deafer ones. Love the video and Halo too. Puppy hugs

  5. Hi! I’m getting a puppy in a few weeks, and I’m extremely grateful for your videos! They’re extremely informative and helpful in teaching me what I need to teach my puppy, and which ones are most important. I saw in one of your videos, that you had some sort of schedule on which behaviors you try to train each day at specific times. I was wondering if you would be able to provide a sample schedule for a new puppy for which behaviors to train and when? That would be extremely helpful, as I’m a first time dog owner haha

  6. Thank you for this Playlist! After a week and a half of parenting my now 8 week old female Pittie Ellie, turns out to be “high drive”… we’re close to 70 years old and sort of hoped for a more mellow girl. I realized firsthand how I and so many unsuspecting puppy owners can easily get demoralized when we find we are not smart enough to deal with what these driven pups consider fun and “game on” but what to us is outright aggression…
    I’ve gotten to the next level of help with your channel and I believe I can learn to appreciate our Ellie’s drive with your thoughtful teachings!

  7. You are the best. I learnt so much from your videos. Your techniques are super effective and your explanations are always crystal clear as to how, why and what to do and what not.

  8. Such a great channel. I binge watch whenever possible. I have a question, if you have time to answer. We have 5 kids and are expecting to get a border collie mix in the next several months. While we wait we are putting together a training plan (step 1, watch your videos 🙂 Even though we have a lot of kids, everyone even down the the youngest is committed to helping with training. Since we are so many, should we use a clicker? Or can we just learn the marker words? Also, should one of us be the primary trainer, or can we all actively participate? Thank you so much! Now, back to the show!

  9. Thanks a lot for your puppy content I think this helps me help some friends with puppies 😅 I really love how you work making it fun and not aversive at all❣

  10. I wish I had this 15 years ago with my dog that has since passed! She hated food, no food motivation at all, this would have been sooo helpful. def gonna use it with a new pup!

  11. Emily, this is one of the best videos I’ve found on dog training. Thank you for your concise and easy-to-understand explanations. Dog owners who just want critical, clean information owe the world to you.

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