This 1 Tip will help you train 10 times faster! Reality Dog Training

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24 Comments on “This 1 Tip will help you train 10 times faster! Reality Dog Training”

  1. Adopted our dog at 10months old. But he’s a deprivation dog so a lot of training is similar to puppy training. Still love this, in case we ever get a proper puppy 🙂

  2. Hey Zak, could you make some videos that are just 20 minutes straight of raw training footage, with you commenting and narrating in post/edit rather than to the camera during training? I feel that just straight watching you work, with your explanations of “here’s what I was thinking at that moment,” would be sooooo helpful!

  3. Love to see how Biscuits is coming along, thanks for this series on a smaller dog. I’ve watched all of your videos, some of them more than once…or twice or seven times. 😊I have a medium sized Teenage dog and used frozen sugar free PB on a Kong for her first bath. Worked like a charm. I’ll be using it again when it’s time for nail clipping. Thanks again Zak for sharing your knowledge with us, it truly helps and thank you to Bree for the excellent angles you get when filming. It’s like we’re right there with you guys.

  4. Do you generally recommend clippers over a nail filer? Clipper seems to be the more dangerous route even with a calm and trained pup.

  5. This is a great way to teach stay, I used a similar method using a towel to make it easier to dry him off after being outside, now our Lakeland Terrier, Toby, comes in and sits down on the towel without a command and even lifts his paws to dry. No more tug of war and chasing round the kitchen 😂

  6. I once had a border collie who was addicted to bubbles. I could get him to jump into the bath full of water by blowing bubbles across the top of the bath.
    Now I have another border collie who will do anything for bubbles … hmm

  7. Hey Zak! A suggestion for a future video that I think would be incredibly helpful: proper/appropriate puppy play and further understanding of body language during play 🙂

  8. It’s a wet puppy – Ahhh!!!! I sometimes put the warm water right on her back with the hose so there’s no gap between the hose and her back. I know she’s tiny but maybe a sink tub/dish container like you would bathe a baby in the sink. I always play it up too like, oh you’re going to be so pretty and smell so good! Such a smart puppy! Treat in the sink rather than when paws are up trying to escape – if you can.

  9. I love your videos and thank you for the education. I am about to get a lab and want to use a harness like yours vs. a traditionally collar. Any suggestions on which harness and how to determine the correct size?

  10. My puppy was ok with nails at first but then after she had a growth spurt….she became super sensitive and touchy to having her foot even touched. She can be sound asleep but if I touch her foot gently she wakes up immediately and says “heck no”.

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