This ONE MAJOR THING is what most dog owners forget..


At some point throughout your life, you have more than likely experienced good leadership.

Leaders are responsible for having a vision and understanding what needs to happen to achieve that vision. Yet, while leaders set the direction, they must also use management skills to guide their people to the right destination. Much like with people, having leadership is the most impactful factor when it comes to how well you will be able to train your dog. Contrary to popular belief, building leadership does not come from providing your dog with endless snuggles, total freedom, or infinite resources.

Instead, you can build leadership through:

While these things aren't as fun or convenient as snuggles and table-scraps, they are the building blocks of developing leadership, and ultimately, a fantastic relationship with your dog. By not developing these building blocks, you risk regression in your dog's behavior or, worse, more undesirable habits.

Therefore, it's essential to ask yourself some of the following questions involved with being a good leader for your dog, such as:

How am I providing the best living environment for my dog?
How do I keep myself and my dog accountable?
How do I advocate for my dog?
How am I providing structure?
How do I give my dog fulfillment?
Through answering these questions, you'll be able to find the gaps and holes in your lifestyle with your dog that need attention.

It's not uncommon for dog owners to feel a sense of guilt over enforcing or creating new rules for your dog. Some of these rules include:

Not being on furniture
Less Affection
More Mental Exercise
Adequate Physical Exercise
Dedicated Training Times
However, it is crucial to separate your human emotions from what is necessary to provide good leadership for your dog. Ultimately, through developing these systems and habits, you will establish yourself as a trustworthy and fair leader for your dog. One that they will happily follow and be obedient too. Through developing all five pillars, you will have all of the necessary fundamentals to train your dog and have the best possible relationship.

Remember, time with your dog is limited; the quality of your life with them shouldn't be.

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  1. Relationship building is the biggest thing we strive for while training flyball! When the dog wants to work or perform for you the sucess goes up!

  2. You’re right on with thiese pillars ! Thank you for explaining it in easy language. I’m definitely cracking the code with my new puppy. 🐾🐾🐕

  3. Outstanding… Thank you so much, I’ve been watching your channel for while,,, learned a lot from you, thank thank you …. The best channel related to dogs ever ….

  4. Wow! Your numbers have gone up significantly in the last several days.

    So, about this video. How can dogs understand enforcing boundaries only temporarily? They won’t get confused?

    1. A relationship is formed through safety/trust/accountability/consequences….with dogs, this is how they/we form the proper bond and there role in our human world….this comes through structure…shaping healthy habits and molding them over there first 6-8 months….well 3 years really but those first 6-8 months is very important….there is a reason people get into relationships….they are earned through trust/safety respect…..if you do it the other way, you will fail the dog and the dog will take the role of leader/boss, etc…NOT GOOD!

    2. @Kingdom K9 Training Academy, ABC All true , except for 1 thing not mentioned. The FIRST effort should be, is to assess/evaluate your pup, teen dog or even older dog…. understand them for who they are, what they know, don’t know, feelings, temperament, capabilities, cleverness, history, fears, drives and their souls. They are all different. Here are 2 super expert trainers discussing just that stuff…..

  5. Your content is so good speaking about quality but, also speaking about free informations and education. Keep it up because you are going to be big on this platform. I’m consuming a lot of your content and I don’t even have a dog yet, hope to have one in 3 to 5 years so that I can apply all your advices, it’s a dream of mine since I was 6. Keep it real!

  6. I’m definitely gonna need your help. I just purchased a working line German Shepard yesterday and I bring her home on Friday. I need to take your classes.

    1. Hi Joel….Mine is 7 months old now! Its gotten noticeably better the past couple weeks. Anyway….I highly recommend hand feeding your dog and crate train immediately…if his drive is anywhere near my police K9 GSD…she will need strict boundaries…like no play in the house. She will get very wound up…do NOT respond to any barking..ignore it for a minute, if it continues…”NO” and put in crate. Housebreaking is tough…hang in there, there WILL be accidents. You MUST keep a long line on your pup as she will explore/mouth everything….including your hands and ankles…..teach her “easy” or “gentle”…use EVERY meal for training and HAND FEED….shape/mold behavior by placing food at nose…..nose to toes=down….let her do this 5 times then NAME IT WHILE YOU GO NOSE TO TOES…..etc….she will want to work, play, teach tug and gently correct/pull away from things and PREVENT THIS by putting everything UP HIGH! HAHAHA Teach YES/NO!….leash train right off as well! Have fun, be calm and make sure everyone who interaccts uses SAME WORDS…reward ALL GOOD behavior within a second or so, always have her kibble in pocket! Do everything inside the first couple weeks….outside is for structured walks, play…..calm, persistent, structure. If she is as tough headed as mine..once she hits 6 months..immpliment some tools like a prong collar…again..always on a long line….name of dog, come (gentle pull if needed), yes, reward!!

  7. What a beautiful speaker you are plenty of content no hard sell just pure free information I listen to every video two or three times and never get bored it allows me to study the lesson you are teaching and use on my GSD thank you

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