Building Attention-game 2- clicker dog training

Game 2 of Attention Games! Hope you enjoy!!!

Many thanks to Kaleigh the aussie puppy and Cuong!

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20 Comments on “Building Attention-game 2- clicker dog training”

  1. As usual this is a great a video. It would need some adjustments for this old lady, but excellent, nonetheless!

    Some time ago you posted a video saying that one would be coming which would teach/train boundaries. Is that available yet?

  2. cool vid!!! I had an idea for a trick you could maybe do. I really like skateboarding, so let’s say your in your frontyard skateing and your dog is just watching you. if you fall then your dog will bring u the board and check on you! that would be so awesome!:) thanks for your positive training

  3. Great work, Attention is super important to have with your dog/ puppy. I love this tutorial, I will diffently show this to some of my friends who have dogs/ puppies that need to build more attention 🙂

  4. Could you possibly do a video on how to teach a dog not to hunt cars, bikes or joggers, while walking on a slack leash?
    I would LOVE to know your perspective on this issue. I am currently learning clicker training in order to stop my dog from doing it. but I find it hard to teach her to ENJOY the walk(sniffing and investigating the surrounding) on a loose leash, while at the same time ignoring the fastmoving cars and joggers besides her.

  5. I am so impressed by your info and videos… and your videos help me to clearly see what you mean. I’ve been trying to find every video you have posted!
    Do you have an online site?

  6. I love these games. I do them with all my puppies and truthfully have never had a pup that didn’t want to respond to me when I called their name or said come…it’s such a great feeling.

  7. yes! finally a video I can relate to. My dog is so chilled and gives me her attention when we are at home. But she’s ignoring me, when we are on a walk. The environment is way too interesting. I’m so going to try this later on a walk.

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