How Am I Supposed to Train These Dogs if I’m GETTING EVICTED?! 

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25 Comments on “How Am I Supposed to Train These Dogs if I’m GETTING EVICTED?! ”

    1. You will not regret this!!! Zak is the best. Has videos everything. We just got a puppy this week too. My husband and I have both trained dogs before, but I still go back to his videos. Enjoy your puppy!!! 💙🐾

  1. Barkception 😂😂😂

    If I recall, this road trip will end in Alaska? If so, will you be taking the ferry back to Bellingham when you head home? Any way you might make a stop in Sitka? ❤️ My Miska could use a little help with training. (Translation: I could use some help figuring out how to change my training tactics to better connect with my dog. 🙂

    Great video and thank you for the awesome instruction!

  2. I’m watching this after I walked both of my dogs. I’ve been walking them in a neighborhood and an open park, but today we ventured on a narrow hiking trail, with bikes, dogs and people. We made it through safely, but I had to be VERY diligent about my surroundings. I ordered a hands free harness so hopefully I can give them more treats next time, but also have more control.

  3. Yes, please!
    *one person walking two dogs*
    need videos on this lol. I have two dogs and have been using a variety of techniques that for the most part seem to work decently well, but professional thoughts would be nice 👍

  4. I love the way you let your dogs do things imperfectly rewarding them when their behavior improves even a little. Inertia seems to have pretty perfect behavior as a result of your patience and positive attitude. The first day we came home with our rescue puppy we let him in the back yard for a moment alone. He promptly dug his way out of the fence and went around to the front door and scratched at the door to get in with us. After that, I exercised our high energy boy off leash and as often as possible outdoors in fields and woods and stuff where it was far away from risks. He always came when called. Sometimes he just took a while. Now he comes back reliably from woods and in fields and on the sidewalk in front of my house. I think your point about exercise is so important. Rigby is 3 now and a very good boy except when he hasn’t had an opportunity to run. He always wants to please but needs his energy burned a bit or he struggles.

  5. Really liking Bree’s regular addition to the channel. It’s nice to see you guys bounce off ideas and thoughts. Also- you are the #1 at ad placement- so many other channels, I’ll just fast forward through- but your ads I always watch- kinda an odd compliment- but you do it well.

  6. Because Bree asked about one person walking multiple dogs together (and I know Zak knows this, but I just want to chime in since it was not explained in this video). When walking multiple dogs together on leash, I first trained each separately to learn to walk well on leash separately. Then, to put them together, I would start with just 2 dogs and have each dog on a 6 foot leash (non-retractable), with all leashes being held in one hand. I of course tell them what direction I want them to go, but the dogs will end up tangling the leashes, pulling in different directions, and as a result they would self correct. After a few walks, they will learn to understand where they need to walk in the group to avoid getting too tangled and they will learn to walk well together. After each dog can walk with one other dog, I would make a group of 3, and so on, to gradually get them accustomed to group walking. That is my method, I am sure there are other methods…

  7. I was on a walk and picked up my dog when a neighbor’s dog, who I didnt know, who lives about a block away from me, came out at us. She kept insisting I put my dog down while she chased her dog around. I politely told her I was not willing to take that risk. You never know what another dog is like. She may have been offended at first, but after she corralled her dog, I explained that my husband’s grandmother’s dog was attacked and killed by an off leash dog a few months prior. You never know how a dog may react.

  8. I disagree with keeping dogs on leash until 2!haha I follow Sarah Stremming’s advice for off-leash! 🙂 I listen to her podcast, CogDog Radio, and have done since before getting my working-line border collie. I prioritize off-leash exercise with my dog! I had her off leash or dragging her leash since day one. When you start early, you actually help stack the cards in your favour because they naturally want to be with you when they’re young. It takes a lot of trust of course, and I do my best to set her up for success. We work on recall every day, and now that Molly is 14 months, I can walk her off-leash even in the city! (mind you, this has taken time, and I reinforce her for paying attention to me; she’s also a BC so she cares more about me than other dogs or people!lol) I always have reinforcement on me, of course, but building that trust off-leash from a young age really helped. Now she’s just used to it. She won’t run away if I bring the leash out because the leash for her doesn’t = the end of fun. I’ll clip it on and off throughout our walk (we have lots of dog-safe alleyways in my neighbourhood that I let her roam free on). Filling their cup for off-leash decompression is SUPER important for all dogs, especially high-energy breeds. Fetch is ok for building stamina (or the last resort for I just don’t have time to give her a longer walk), but it’s just not the same as a decompression walk (a walk in nature, low dog and people traffic, quiet space where dogs can safely roam and express their dog-ness! 🙂 ).

    Of course, I keep her on leash around other dogs, and I let her off when I know there aren’t reactive dogs around (I also have a solid recall on her of course 😉 ).

    I’d love to hear your take on this! Have you heard of decompression walks? Do you do them with your dogs? I know in the US you guys have things like SniffSpot. Have you ever tried to use it? Do you give your dogs off-leash time every day or every few days?

  9. Hey, Zak. I just wanted you to know that about 6 years ago, when I decided that I wanted to adopt a puppy, I started watching dog-training videos here on Youtube just to get a clue. When I found your videos, I just had a sense that you really know what you’re doing, in a loving yet firm way. A month or two later I walked into a shelter in FL, and immediately saw a little Pit/Boxer mix peeing on the floor right before going for her bowl of dinner. She wriggled up to me in the most adorable way, and I adopted her then. She is NOT one of those really chill-type Golden Retrievers/Labs—she still tends to go bananas when she sees other dogs (usually because she wants to play, but sometimes because some tiny dog starts barking things about my dog’s Momma, and getting in her face, and she gets pissed off). But your videos were the biggest asset I had while training her as a 3-4- month-old puppy–she’s now about 6 1/2 years old, and her best behaviors are the result of training I did after learning from your videos. She will never be a “calm” dog, but she is just wonderful, and continues to remember all of the things I learned to train her to do from watching your videos back then. I’d be a nervous wreck trying to travel as you guys are with her (we did make it from FL to NJ without any disasters!), but you made all the difference in how I was able to train her, with the right attitude, to do the important essentials, which she still remembers. So thank you very much.

  10. Loved the commercial at the beginning 🙂 This was a great example of all the ways you need to control the environment and also of socialization. It’s helpful seeing training sessions with both dogs present and how you manage a more experienced dog and an untrained puppy together. I also think it was helpful when Bree pretended to give wrong answers to training questions, that are also really common assumptions, and then to hear the better approach.

  11. Like always, I find your training tips and methods super helpful when it comes to training my own dog. She has gotten so much better in the last year that I have followed you as a YouTuber and my own dog trainer. I also want to thank you and Bree for letting us in on your life right now! There are a lot of changes going on in your life rn so I can only imagine how chaotic everything might be while you to travel, juggle your dogs, while also maintaining your YouTube channel. I have personally thought about doing temporary, mobile living while traveling and watching you guys go through it gives me a good idea of what to expect if I ever decide to try it out myself. Thank Zak and Bree!

  12. Love this series. 💜 Love how patient you are with everything. I have trained dogs before at a dog kennel I was working at. But I’m not even going to lie, I have gone back through some of videos as we just got a Border Collie/Aussie mix this week. And I’m juggling a toddler and training at the same time. You and Bree are just so positive, patient and make everything work. You guys are keeping me sane and grounded through this. 💙💜🐾

  13. I have a rescue dog a Jack Russell ,she’s 8yo and had never been on a lead .
    Trained her on leash to start feeding treats everytime she looked at me.
    The treats were about the size of my thumb.
    2 weeks later after walking around 5miles per day , we started on off leash walking , on quiet streets to start, but now even in heavy traffic areas she ranges 50 yd in front to 50 yds behind.
    At interesections , a stand , we look for traffic ,and a lets go , break as we get back on footpath.Works well
    we now doing up to 10miles per day , seldom on lead even in town with pedestrians .
    AS regards barking , find that all is needed is reassurance that all is well .A big cuddle ,” its ok ” and she quiets down real quick
    Being a female JRT she is not going to back down , leart to always have the harnes on , if she is sniffed , great for a few moments , then can turn to custard rapidly.
    So no long introductions to ohter dogs , a quick snif , and ” come on Milly ” are off .If we hang around too long ,a likely confrontation is likely .
    This is where the harness is great .
    Straight into the mix , uplift Mill and remove from area .
    Never any real agression , all noise etc ,and often its with young dogs , that weren’t obeying doggy etique
    Just my observations on training of around 8months of off lead walking.

  14. I like this video. It really showed your human side. Before it sometime came off as you micromanaging a dog’s every waking breath, which tended to overwhelm me occasionally. I don’t know, this uncertainty and chaos that you’re going through right now is more like what I as a typical owner can relate to on a day to day basis. So yeah, keep up the series! 👍🏼

  15. I’ve followed a lot of ur tips, and also training classes and I’m really proud to say that my dog comes when called 90% of the time hehe we will continue training everyday, a little bit at a time.
    I’m also having problems with barking but I agree that I should let her express and she is trying to warn me of something she finds frightening. I let her bark a little and then call her, when she comes and remains silent she earns a treat. I hope it works !

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