How to teach dogs to wait for their turn for training

There is a myth that you cannot train more than one dog with positive reinforcement without the dog that is waiting getting frustrated. Here is a tutorial on how to train your dogs to wait their turn!

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View youtube user zsianz1's tutorial on this same subject, its awesome and shows the same training but with only two dogs:

Watch Pams video of teaching her puppy to settle in a group of dogs

This is one of the most important behaviors you can train your new puppy or new adult dog if you have a multi dog household and want to train your dogs new behaviors.

Stay tuned for more tutorials on the most important things to train your new dog!

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26 Comments on “How to teach dogs to wait for their turn for training”

  1. This is exactly what I was hoping you’d do a video on! My non-working dog whines when he’s on the other side of a door during a session with the other dog, and I think he might actually be better if he can settle, watch, and get occasional reinforcement. I already did a session teaching my two dogs to jump on and come down from a “station”–for which I used industrial spools–and hope to someday not have to crate the non-working dog when on stage with the other, but have them take turns.

  2. So much fun seeing how great Kiko feels in cold Sweden! She in fact looks younger than before how can this be? Great video, thanks so much.

  3. I love this video! I do this too! HEHE! So awesome that you thought of doing a video for it. 🙂 I am also so impressed with your new links. I can’t even figure out how to get one link on my videos much less with a cool thumbnail. YOU ROCK! 🙂 We miss you! 🙂 Twix came running into my office to see you. 🙂

  4. I know and miss the times there, I would love to come back to Malmö. In earlier years I went there about 3-4 times a year as my farmor lived there and lots of relatives. Hope the restrictions for dogs will change and I can make it again.

  5. Great video as usual, although it made me a little sad that my rescue doesn’t get along with other dogs. She’s getting much better tolerating them though!

  6. Kiko is so cute!! I love how Splash is about to fall asleep with her head down just lounging while the others have their heads up watching! Great video, Emily!

  7. Sigh, you make it look so easy, but you have good info. I’ve been working on similar techniques with my two, but haven’t been using a target mat for the dog sitting things out. Think I will start adding that. Now that I see your training, I can see how in the beginning it helps to have the waiting dog doing a behavior that is tied to location rather than just a random sit or down stay.

    Do you tell the dogs to stay?

  8. That was so FUN!!! I’ve been having trouble lately with both dogs getting excited while the other is working since their overall interest in training has increased. It was great to take a step back from training a trick, and instead focus on this. You are absolutely right, I swung my arm fast, and that was too much for Q, off the couch he came. But five minutes later, he was able to go as far as me rocking in a chair, and knocking at the door. Good good happy training ; }

  9. Quite long but the sum up is to have the other dogs stay on the couch and reward them too when the working dog successfully does the command (at the beginning every single time). At first have them work on calm behaviours then increase excitability. Don’t work on anything new with the working dog at the beginning as the dog(s) you’ll be focusing on are the ones on the couch. If they jump off lure them back with a treat. Eventually practice asking different dogs on the couch to jump off the couch then go back and reward the others for not moving too.

  10. I think you may have just massively improved my life! I certainly hope so. I have three Staffie rescues atm, and two of them don’t get along well. I need to start working hard to make my home calmer and more controlled. Thank you for your videos. I will start clicker training with them. 💐

  11. Hi, we are a multiple dog household. Most are from a shelter. All are excitable.
    I’m working on them constantly, individually and in groups, though not with any type of schedule. The schedule is there, just not in use yet.
    Their ages range from 7wks old to 3yrs and then the seniors.
    We’ve been looking for a training sequence and how to train with everyone/most present and calm…
    We will do this method, it looks as though it might work.

    1. yeah, you can also practice having treats on you all the time at home in a baggie if they dont guard food. That way they dont all get excited when you put the treats on you. Then during the day you can go drop a treat for any dog who is calmly settled.

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