Smart dog can say yes and no – amazing dog trick!

I just taught Splash how to shake her head. I plan on putting together a video on how to teach this trick. I will give you a hint right now, I used targeting (with Splash).

I was also thinking of using this 'trick' as a canine freestyle move. Because she will shake her head until I tell her to stop. It looks quite cool because she does it in a rhythmic way, moving her feet at the same time.

Hehe, I'm so cruel! Im gong to make you wait to find out how to train this!

The music is Gogol Bordello.

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  1. Lol. Another 5 star video! Splash shaking her head looks like shes watching a tennis match! I think that dog has rhythm in her soul, does she react to music? My dog loves music and the theme tune to two and a half men is her favourite, I cant get her away from the TV when it comes on! Nice to see Kiko being her usual brilliant self too.

  2. Pawsome new trick Splash! 5 STARS:). Did you teach her to say yes to or did she make up that trick on her own?

    Woofs n’ Wags,
    Ashley & Kaine

    Oh, it does look like she is dancing:)!

  3. I have to ask…did you make up this trick “how to say no?” I have never seen or heard of this trick anywhere until Splash! and it is such a fantastic trick:). Have you seen Pheobe’s version of the trick? She did a fantastic job!

    Ashley & Kaine

  4. Actually Kiko the chi invented the two movements herself during freeshaping- the ‘look up to the right’, and the ‘look left’, since I put both on cue I am actually cueing her to do the two behaviors one after the other. But she did invent those on her own.

  5. Aww that’s great. Well you are an awesome trainer! My dog has issues with pulling on the leash, would you have a video or advice for that? Thanks-Paulina

  6. Ahhh babies!!😂 I know this is an ancient video but it popped up in my recommendations and I just had to laugh XD Kiko is a savage!😂 can’t believe they both are gone now, your videos get more and more nostalgic for me every day, I used to watch videos of your amazing dogs back when I was a child, what you do is really inspiring and it sure would have never started hadn’t it been for these two!!<3

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