20 Comments on “May 25, 2022”

  1. I love zaks videos. For both the training tips and the humor

    “I’m getting out of here”
    (Continues to walk around the spooky street 🤣)

  2. Hey Zak I love your work and you have really helped me out with my own dog! I have a question though, what do you think about giving your dog nicknames? I’m 13 so I have a lot of nicknames for my dog and she knows them all, (Including her own name). I don’t give her commands with the nicknames, but I still call her by them sometimes. Is this ok or am I going to confuse her?

  3. We have coyotes, owls, and hawks (raptors) here in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. It’s the main reason why I would never let my little dogs out in the backyard alone.

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