Our New Puppy Training Plan: STOP Barking, Let Me Sleep!!

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21 Comments on “Our New Puppy Training Plan: STOP Barking, Let Me Sleep!!”

  1. She has the prettiest color! So much great information. I’ve learned so much from you and I was able to successfully train my border collie Clue!

  2. My dog just had baby’s and I am keeping one of them to be my new SD and I can’t wait to see how he does your videos help me so much thanks mosh love from NC

  3. My mom’s boyfriend has a 9 week old and she’s a very smart shark and chinchilla. Her owner’s kind of halfway between the positive reinforcement and negative punishment training methods, so the puppy (Katniss) isn’t doing that well with bite inhibition or the barking situation. Zak’s videos have helped me work with Katniss, and she’s impressing EVERYONE with her progress. She bites and barks less, she walks on and off the leash, and she’s progressing in “leave it” and “come” *extremely* fast. I’ve been watching Zak’s videos for years, waiting for the day I get to use what I’ve learned, and now I finally can😁

  4. Your channel helped me train my GSD puppy in 2020, and she is literally the perfect dog now! I’m getting a new puppy in 2 weeks, so this series is perfectly timed for me. I need a refresher 🤣 Juno is so well behaved, that I’m spoiled now!

  5. How adorable was Inertia with Veronica I cant get over it, she is so loving to all the dogs you’ve helped Zak your truly incredible 🐾😀

  6. It looks so cute at the “leave-it”-training , when Veronica looked down at the treat , as if she wanted to find out why it is laying there . 🥰

  7. We just got an 8 week old cocker spaniel last Friday and I think training is going well so far, but also seems to have bad anxiety when left alone in his crate, which I think we’re slowly ironing out, thanks to your videos! Thanks so much for being such a great help so far- I’m not sure what I would’ve done without your channel!

  8. I get more excited as each lesson progresses because I really want to learn how you calm and train a super high energy puppy. Thank you for sharing the reality of training a dog.

  9. This brings me back to last fall when I got my Whippet puppy. She cried so hard if I took as much as a step away from her that I was at one point convinced I’d never be able to leave her home alone.
    Now she runs into the crate if she sees me with her Kong and sleeps quietly while waiting for us to get back.

  10. Inertia was sooo adorable sharing her favorite shark toy with her new little sister. 😍 It makes me so happy to see the whole family bonding. Veronica is a smarty pants she got the leave it pretty quickly. ❤

  11. I just took in a 17 week old English Cocker Spaniel pup that spent all of her life in a shed. It’s been five days now and thanks to your work, we had the best time. She might be tiny, she was the runt of the litter, but she’s brave and sweet. She picks up really fast and she even teaches me about how she works. She is the single best decision I made in my life. Thank you

  12. Hang in there with crate training! I had never had any issues crate training a dog until I got one of the ones I have now. I thought she just wasn’t going to be a dog you could not crate. But I kept at it and she now tolerates her crate quite well. She doesn’t go in on her own accord, but will go in and lie down and relax on cue. While she doesn’t “love” it, she isn’t stressed about it and will happily go in with a nice lick mat. When we get home, she’s still relaxing in the crate. (BTW, we had an Irish Wolfhound who had figured out how to open her crate and if we left her in the crate, she’d open it and come out on her own. The first time we returned home to her out of her crate, we figured we hadn’t closed it properly. Next time we left, we made sure it was properly closed. Got home, she’s at the door to greet us. So we taped it. Yep, she was opening the crate herself). And leave it is such an important lesson! We were out on a walk the other day and someone had thrown out some french fries from McDonald’s. Really tempting, but all I had to say was “leave it” and they happily left the french fries alone.

  13. Your channel & books enabled me to train my 9 week old golden retriever perfectly I followed what you done step by step and your training methods worked wonders. I’m going to be picking her up a little sister soon and can’t wait to start the process all over again 🤍

  14. This is awesome!! You are such a great trainer with little Veronica. She’s a lucky girl to have the best kind of training right off the bat as a young dog!! I know she will be the best and most well behaved dog after she goes through her training. You’re so incredible, by far my favorite dog trainer forever!!❤️💕

  15. Using your videos, my 18-month-old pup now heads to his crate on cue when we say “Go to bed!” He lays down and waits for his nighttime biscuits (3 small Teddy Bear shaped biscuits) and nearly always sleeps all night! If he barks, we know it’s time for a quick bathroom break but he goes back in and goes to sleep afterwards. We always keep one of his indestructible toys in the crate with him and sometimes you can even tell that he’s awake and chewing without any distress. Daytime is a bit more challenging but he’s getting better about being left alone in the daytime. Love this series and you guys! 💜

  16. I love all of these videos and feel that I have learned an enormous amount. But I do wonder about the criticisms from other dog trainers that these methods won’t work with dogs that have aggression issues with other dogs or humans. I am hoping that Zak can demonstrate that positive methods work even with dogs that have these issues.

  17. Veronica is just the cutest!! 😍 she really takes to your training, and I have a feeling her and Inertia will be besties pretty quick (or are already besties at this point) 😆

  18. is it just me or does that puppy really looks like Bree? The hair color is right but also something in her way of communicating..😍.

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