Should your dog sleep in your bed?

Should your dog sleep in your bed with you? Emily answers this burning question with four determining factors.

It’s important to also remember that dogs should not sleep in the bed or room for that matter of children or babies. This is because an adult is not awake in the room to supervise the dog and child to make sure the child is safe.

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do dogs in the bedroom affect your sleep? Is sleeping with your dog good or bad? Reasons to let your dog sleep in your bed. Reasons to not let your dog sleep in your bed. What to do if your dog guards the bed from owner and other dogs.

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– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)
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39 Comments on “Should your dog sleep in your bed?”

  1. My dog is currently laying on his side of the bed, while I use his pillow lol.
    But my dog legit loves to spoon and when I hold his paw. He’s weird.

  2. Since we’ve always had a big bed ( king) we’ve always given the option to the individual dog to join us. However, they have their crate and beds in the room as well. Since we had long haired dogs, I often think they were just too hot to join us and were comfortable in their own space. Occasionally, we would get a foot cuddle on a night or so.

    With our newest dog ( Pembroke Welsh Corgi) she’s definitely a cuddly pup. But we’ve taken precautions because of her back. We lowered the bed so that she wasn’t jumping up or down.

    We keep all energy in the bedroom calm so that they don’t associate the room with play. The dogs always know as we enter the room that it is bedtime. It’s the cat that didn’t get the memo.

  3. We let our Havanese sleep with us anytime he seems to want to, or when we get an arctic blast and his crate is just too cold for him. But here’s one other thing to consider … 99% of the time, he sleeps in his crate, for one reason big reason. When we very occasionally (maybe once/twice a year) need to board him, I can’t bear the thought of him not being used to his crate and being away from us AND having to sleep alone. ❤️

    1. thats smart. Maybe Ill mention that in the separation training video Im going to make – about getting them used to the crate for being left at the vet or other reasons etc

  4. My dog sleeps in her own bed. I can’t sleep when she keeps trying to go over and under the cover or lies on top of me. So I taught her she can only come into my bed if I invite her in, for example when I’m reading in bed it’s fine for me if she is in my bed, but once I turn off the lights and go to sleep she goes into her own bed.

  5. My dog is little, but I have a tall bed; I’ve solved the problem by putting a soft chair right by my bed! He can climb up or down whenever he wants ^.^

    1. @Latha Falls I just found one at home ^-^ as long as it’s sturdy and won’t cause the dog to slip, then it’ll work just fine.

  6. Thank you for this sensible advice. I have a fearful pup who we have been working with, with a behaviourist. When he first came home he would only sleep under my arm or on my lap (he is a small dog) . I come from a traditional family, who think dogs should sleep down stairs, and new pups should ‘cry it out’ at night on their own. This just felt wrong for my trembling, scared pup and so I let sleep him on my bed, where he settled immediately. He also has a ramp to get on and off the bed (much to my family’s disgust). How refreshing to hear your advice that it isn’t a universal ‘No’ to the question of dogs on the bed but like so many things with dogs, ‘It depends’ – on the dog and the humans. Common sense meets compassion, phew!

    1. Ronnyqt I think my family were just out of date and had experience mostly of working dogs. They viewed treats as bribery and believed in tapping dogs’ noses with a rolled up newspaper to ‘tell them off. ‘ Dogs can be so flexible and forgiving, I don’t think my family ever thought they were being intentionally cruel. But I agree, there are a lot of spoilt dogs out there too.

  7. Thanks for posting another fantastic tutorial. As always excellent advice, very easy to understand & very well articulated. Your point on it depends on the dog is a particularly vital starting point to consider yet often completely overlooked.

     My cavalier king Charles spaniel & I always share a double bed together. She often sleeps on top of the covers between my legs. Love her snoring. I couldn’t sleep without her.
     Dogs & owners are benefiting worldwide from your fabulous channel.
     As always absolutely love all what you do. Thanks.

  8. Yeah, I need to move up to a king size bed. It’s amazing how much space even small dogs can take up. I avoided all the behaviour issues by banning them from the bed for the first 6 months or so. I established all the appropriate habits first and when they were rock solid, I could relax the rules. They both new “on” and “off” which I transferred to the bed. Ted tried pushing the rules in the beginning and lost his bed privilege a couple of times (he had some guarding issues back then). They also have a trunk that I modded with a padded lid that they can both sleep on at the end of the bed. It’s also a bit lower so provides an easy step up onto the bed. There’s nothing better than being woken up by a dog in the morning !

  9. My dog is a service dog so she sleeps with me no matter what xD, as she can still alert to medical issues when I’m asleep, she will wake me up and let me know. Plus I feel safer.

    1. I have a service dog too and I let her choose to either sleep on her dog bed or on my bed, but she’s always there throughout the night to help me. 😊

  10. Keeping a resource gaurding dog out of your bed is great advice! I once had a client where NO ONE could touch or hug the mom in the home. She stopped sleeping with the dog (a chihuaha mix named Zeus) and the problem resolved like nothing happened.

  11. For the first half year or so, our dog wasn’t allowed on the bed at all. I was always intending to let him on the bed for cuddles eventually, but I first wanted to make sure he gets into the habit of sleeping in his own beds.
    I’m really happy with the outcome; he never goes on the bed when we’re not around, and he sleeps on the couch at night. But when we call him for bed time cuddles, he comes running. He also comes over every morning and asks for his cuddles.
    We never have to worry about him getting on the bed while he’s dirty, which was a huge problem with our previous dog. My grandma raised that one to sleep in the bed from the start, and the end result was a dog who came home after rolling in the mud on his walks, and just went straight for the bed😕

  12. After a hard few months I’ve finally got my dog happily sleeping on his own. I’m with him every minute of the day so it’s been so good for him to learn to be content without me every night, especially as he does much better now the rare occasions i’m not with him during the day. Also my cats are appreciating the chance to spend some time with me without him 🙂

  13. I love this!!! Much needed video. My family think I’m nuts because I have stairs for my bed or when I tell people she sleeps in my bed. I encourage my dog to sleep on her bed in my room because I’m a very active sleeper. But if she jumps into my bed it’s no big deal and she stays on her blanket on the bed usually. Such useful tips and thoughts to consider.

  14. It’s amazing how much space my 6lbs dog can take up lol. I wanted to get rid of my carpeting and get hardwood but since you mentioned about it being harder on her I don’t think I will! My bed isn’t very high but I still don’t want her to get hurt.

  15. When we rescued our girl we let her first sleep in the bedroom but in her dog bed. After maybe 6-9 months we started allowing her to rest on the bed during the day (it is a high bed that we’re swapping out) so she could lookout the window. We gradually let her earn the privilege to sleep with us in the bed and now she does it every night, she likes to sleep *on* us to feel safe which is kinda cute 🙂 She’s been through hell before she came to us so she deserves the best!

  16. My family is planning on getting an 8 week old Whippet puppy, and we’ve been told by friends to keep it crated next to our bed during the night. They told us once the pup reaches 1-1.5 years old you can start letting the pup sleep with you, and I was wondering if you think this timing is correct?

    We’ll definitely be letting her sleep on the bed with us eventually since Whippets have such short coats, and love a good night time winter snuggle. 🙂

  17. before actually owning a dog I used to think sleeping with one`s dog was a terrible idea. it`s been 2 years since I adopted a stray puppy left outside my place, and the dog`s been sneaking into my bed for over a year now. gotta tell you it feels wonderful to sleep with her in my bed. she`s just the right size, a medium sized dog that weighs 15kg. she sneaks into my bed at exactly the same time every day, just before I get up in the morning. she doesn`t go under the sheets. she just lies on top of the bedspread and hardly moves around. usually betters my sleep!

  18. We started by letting our dog sleep in her crate and then on the couch, and she was fine with that. However, a year later I had a bad mental health crisis and it was much more comforting to have her with us. Sometimes she sneaks into bed in the middle of the night, but she must be part ninja because it never wakes me. She’s only about 65 lbs and was the run of her litter. She’s so sweet and loving.

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